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Aug 2017
Adrien Crivelli
Aug 16 2017 08:45
@danvaros, and everyone else in the future, you better ask your questions right away, instead of waiting for someone to say hi. That way you'll save both our time
Aug 16 2017 16:19
is there a demo for PHPexcel?
Adrien Crivelli
Aug 16 2017 17:35
@jb181991 there is no hosted demo, but the doc is over there:
and the repo contains lots of samples that can easily be ran locally, see
@jb181991 oh, I just realized I am talking about the wrong project. But docs and samples for PhpSpreadsheet are very similar to PHPExcel. And anyway if you are starting now, you better go with PhpSpreadsheet instead of PHPExcel