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    PowerKiKi on 1.8

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oh thanks @PowerKiKi , i got it, that means i can search for package that needed and add it manually?
Adrien Crivelli
no, it means you do everything locally, by using composer the normal way. And when everything is done, you zip the entire project and upload everything to your host
@PowerKiKi oh i'm sorry i didn't got it before, but thanks saving my day it work
Hi all! I have a problem with updating cell reference in another worksheet after adding columns and rows
Example: Sheet AAA : cell D4, Sheet BBB: cell A! with value AAA!D4 . After adding rows and columns in sheet AAA i would like that in sheet BBB the reference of D4 to change to the current location. So after adding rows and columns in AAA sheet, the cell moves from D4 to E6, but in sheet BBB it still remains D4. Could you help please?
Adrien Crivelli
@andreipreotu so the formula using cells from another sheet is not correctly updated when columns/rows are inserted into that sheet ? This might be a bug. I believe PHPExcel should update formula in this case, at least for formulas on the same sheet. Maybe you could check for that first. Does it work on the same sheet ? and if yes, why doesn't it on a different sheet ?
@PowerKiKi the formula is updating for the same sheet. It's not updated when it refers to other sheets ex: =Sheet1!C5
Adrien Crivelli
@andreipreotu can you reproduce all of that with PhpSpreadsheet also ?
Mark Baker
PHPExcel has never adjusted formulae on other sheets when inserting/deleting rows/columns in one sheet because it's a big performance overhead. Unlike MS Excel itself which uses a reference map to link all formulae referencing a cell making it easy to identify which cells need updating, we can't afford the memory that requires; so we use a brute force approach checking every cell... to keep execution times as low as possible, we made a decision to only apply that brute force check to the current worksheet
I need help!
Anybody here?
Paulo Victor Leite Lima Gomes
Hi @Rianley what do you need?
Daniel Hernán Vargas Osorio
Hi, any there?
Adrien Crivelli
@danvaros, and everyone else in the future, you better ask your questions right away, instead of waiting for someone to say hi. That way you'll save both our time
is there a demo for PHPexcel?
Adrien Crivelli
@jb181991 there is no hosted demo, but the doc is over there: http://phpspreadsheet.readthedocs.io
and the repo contains lots of samples that can easily be ran locally, see http://phpspreadsheet.readthedocs.io/en/develop/#learn-by-example
@jb181991 oh, I just realized I am talking about the wrong project. But docs and samples for PhpSpreadsheet are very similar to PHPExcel. And anyway if you are starting now, you better go with PhpSpreadsheet instead of PHPExcel
Dmitry Wolf
@PowerKiKi Hello, I see there is no tags and releases on github for phpspreadsheet. In case of PHPexcel at least we can pull latest release and be sure that nothing is broken due to dev cycle
Adrien Crivelli
@diimdeep PhpSpreadsheet 1.0.0-beta was just released
Is PHPexcel deprecated and loosing support ?
Hello. I'm reading the documentation and I can't find anything on adjusting the orientation of a cell? I want to set a cell's orientation to "Rotate Text Down" is that possible?
Adrien Crivelli
@nmfarshad yes PHPExcel is deprecated and loosing support very soon. You should start planning a migration to PhpSpreadsheet, and for new project start directly with PhpSpreadsheet
@17tlhon setTextRotation() might be what you are looking for: https://phpspreadsheet.readthedocs.io/en/develop/topics/recipes/#formatting-cells
Please can you help me SOS
I am using PHPEXCEL and I can't generat Linear chart with logarithmic scale !
Please Do you have any idea ?
@PowerKiKi Hi, thank you anyway but I figured it out already :) and I'm done creating HTML to excel using PHPExcel but I'm about to change that to PHPSpreadsheet as you've said its better :)
hi there
i have a problem, i using PHPExcel ..
I need generate a report, when i use this
my report its ready after 54 secs, when i comment this line, it is genereted in 4 secs
how can i resolve this, i need give wrap in all lines, this line, is in loop, a get the number line by var $baseRow
exists another way ?
Abhishek Jain

Hi Can you guys help me?
I am having trouble saving the excel file in mysql database, It contains enter(new line) inside a cell and symbols & superscripts as well. But it stores as plain text only.
$objReader = new PHPExcel_Reader_Excel5();
$objPHPExcel = $objReader->load($inputFileName);
$sheetData = $objPHPExcel->getActiveSheet()->toArray(null, true, true, true);

then i read some data and use
to reset the pointer.
and again use foreach loop, to add the data into an array and insert that array to mysql table. Does any of these steps remove pre-formatting?(superscript/subscript/new line inside a cell and bold/italics) and How can I put the data in the table exactly as in the excel?
Edit: I am using v1.8 of PHPExcel, v5.4 of PHP and MySQL v5.6

Adrien Crivelli
@abbyjaze toArraydoes not return formatted strings. It only format numbers. So it won't work as you expect.
Abhishek Jain
@PowerKiKi Thanks! Can you suggest an alternate for my solution??
Adrien Crivelli
@abbyjaze not really. You will have to come up with your own way to extract and serialize/structure whatever styles you are interested in
Abhishek Jain
@PowerKiKi okay, thanks!
Hey everyone
im new here i would like to know if this would work with pro plus
if so im needin help with some PHP code

Hello Everyone,

I am using PHPExcel as part of a platform that takes in xlsx and csv files and uploads them to our system. We are having trouble with

It is throwing Scale must be greater than or equal to 1.

From what I can see there is no way to set the zoom scale other than in excel, however we cannot guarantee our clients will all do this properly. Is there a way around this short of forking PHPExcel (which we'd rather not do...)?

Unfortunately the only solutions I have found on stack overflow are people forking and writing their own fix.

I know PHPExcel is no longer in development, but I do have a PR in that could fix this problem (and has on my local copy in our system)
Kobus Myburgh
Hi everyone. I see that PHPExcel is not maintained anymore, and the current build is failing as per Github. What is the last stable version of PHPExcel that I can use? I am working on a live environment with thousands of users per hour, so I can't live on the edge with PHPSpreadsheet :-D
Adrien Crivelli
@Bliksempie, PHPSpreadsheet actually is the best version of PHPExcel you can get. As long as you lock your dependencies you shouldn't have any surprise from your dev env to your prod env

method setReadDataOnly not found

why does not it work?

Anders Lindén
Is there an example of how to read an excel file? 07reader.php was not it, apparently
Adrien Crivelli
@AndersBillLinden maybe you want to read that too: http://phpspreadsheet.readthedocs.io/en/develop/topics/accessing-cells/
Anders Lindén
Maybe PhpSpreadsheet is the only way to go, even if it is alpha
oh, it was beta actually
Adrien Crivelli
@AndersBillLinden if you are starting something new, then PhpSpreadsheet is definitely the way to go