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Anders Lindén
It seems like PHPSpreadSheet is "useless" for reading documents.
It stores cells in its index by A1, A2 etc, not optimal for reading line by line.
It seems to be designed for writing, so it should really be named phpexcelwriter.
Adrien Crivelli
salih hanifeoglu
hi i m need help for PHPExcel for mac osx
i want use import PHPExcel how to install on mac
if know any person help me and other my question PHPExcel used any framework or core php?
Hi, how do I embed PHPEXCEL code in a drop-down list in HTML?
Vipul Lakhtariya
Hi everyone,
is there anyone done excel file import with dynamic progress bar for large excel files?
Adrien Crivelli
@vipullakhtariya I did some kind of fake progress for Excel file download. It would probably be similar, but it is far from trivial, and gives rather poor result for a lot of effort. If I had to do it again, I would not do it at all
Adrien Crivelli
@/all PhpSpreadsheet 1.0.0 was released yesterday. That means PHPExcel should no longer be used, and users should start migrating to PhpSpreadsheet (or other alternatives)
Why add header () code in the code to set up the HTTP header,use save('php://output') does not achieve the xlsx worksheet in the web page?
Adrien Crivelli
'php://output' will correctly send some bytes representing the XLSX file to the browser, but the browser must be told what kind of data he is receiving. The browser may not be able to guess that the bytes received are an XLSX file. This is what headers are for
Hi, I'm working on a project where I collect info and some I need to put in my Excel spreadsheet in a specific sheet.
The data comes in, gets stored in MySQL and output some fields to the Excel sheet while its open.
Can I do this with PHPSpreadsheet?
Adrien Crivelli
@madsbe I am not sure what you mean by "while its open", but most likely you should be able to write Excl files. Also use that room: https://gitter.im/PHPOffice/PhpSpreadsheet
@PowerKiKi, ok, I will post overthere...
Ashish Deora
Hello there
I am not able to understand which one to use - PHPExcel or PHPSpreadsheet?
Adrien Crivelli
someone else know how load a bigfile on PHP Excel?
too create a big file, because i use a PHP_XLSXWriter (https://github.com/mk-j/PHP_XLSXWriter). when can create a big files with out overfloat the ram, but i would like know if anyone know if exist another metohd to work with big files on PHP Excel.
specific load files.
John F. Arroyave Gutiérrez
Another way to create Excel files (or spreadsheets) without this library and the RAM problem that you say is writing a file directly, write it like an HTML table or CSV format and the spreadsheet will open it normally. I used that method for files bigger than 60MB and works in seconds. I hope this help.
The Yank #BlueWave2018
I have data being written into hidden rows. I noticed that if I have a formula that references a hidden cell, the formula doesn't run unless I unhide the row. Is there an easy fix for this?


I have a problem. in XLSX, I set some text to bold, when I read excle, use getBold() to read the font-weight, but some cell is work , some doesn't. I am using phpoffice/PhpSpreadsheet: 1.2, someone else know how to read correct?


Hey guys!
How to read a xls file with this library? Is there any tutorial?
Adrien Crivelli
@sandum150 don't start using PHPExcel now, the project is dead. Instead try http://phpspreadsheet.readthedocs.io
Hello! i want to save my excel file in mysql with cakePHP, how to do that?
Adrien Crivelli
PHPExcel is dead, don't use it
Rolands Usāns
hey guys - added PR PHPOffice/PhpSpreadsheet#595
function EXACT implementation, let me know if there is anything i should change / improve - this function is kinda important for my current project i'm working on.
btw, is there any date for next release ?
Rolands Usāns
some tests are failing on develop branch, PhpOffice\PhpSpreadsheetTests\Helper\SampleTest::testSample
1) 37 ('../samples/Basic/26_Utf8.php')
2) 83 ('../samples/Pdf/21_Pdf_Domdf.php')
Adrien Crivelli
@rolandsusans you're in the wrong room, you should move to PhpSpreadsheet room instead
do you have sample on sending file from ajax request to phpspreadsheet, i have the problem sending the exact path of the file, it looks like this "c:/fakepath/sample.xls"
Felix Ivan Romero Rodríguez
Greetings, I am trying to load an excel file, but always throws me the error of calling children function on a boolean result. This occurs calling internal drawings. I can only load if I set true the readDataOnly flag. What can I do to load properly?
Best regards.
Using php7.0
Excuse me,How to set the minimum value of the coordinate axis in the excel radar map?Who knows?
anyone here?
Mehdi Chaouch
Someone know why SWITCH function is not supported (my supposition is based on lib/Phpspreadsheet/vendor/phpoffice/phpspreadsheet/src/PhpSpreadsheet/Writer/Xls/Parser.php:215)
and do you have any alternative better that IF imbrication... like this : =IF(plop,1,IF(flip,2,IF(clac,3,0))))
Excel formulas is not auto-calculated the value when we are trying to generate excel file using phpexcel if you have any suggestion regarding this please let me know.
we are waiting for your reply.
Adrien Crivelli
phpexcel is dead, you should not use it anymore
I included phpexcel, created an object and loaded a file.
However, there are 500 errors in the reader making section. Help.
Error: Request failed with status code 500
at e.exports (spread.js:25)
at e.exports (spread.js:25)
at XMLHttpRequest.l.onreadystatechange (spread.js:25)
$objReader = PHPExcel_IOFactory::createReaderForFile($filename);
Adrien Crivelli
@choimovie PHPExcel is dead and is insecure, you should not use it anymore
@PowerKiKi sure, use https://github.com/PHPOffice/PhpSpreadsheet instead :)
@MarkBaker Excuse me, Which version of PhpSpreadsheet can support PHP 5.4?
2 replies
Hi i need to show dropdown of country,state,city
based upon dropdown values should reflect,also address,streeet input box should show and hide can anyone tell me how to do using php?