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Oct 2016
Justijn Depover
Oct 12 2016 10:19
Hi, I'm trying to merge multiple pptx files together with PHPPresentation. So far I've managed to read a pptx file and write that same file to a different folder. However, if I open the newly generated file, It looks like a lot of data has lost. Either text has disappeared or background images are gone.
I've included the libraries correctly and did the following
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$pptReader = IOFactory::createReader('PowerPoint2007');
        $oPHPPresentation = $pptReader->load(SECURE_PATH . '/documents/powerpoint/SamplePPTX.pptx');

        $pptWriter = IOFactory::createWriter($oPHPPresentation, 'PowerPoint2007');
        $pptWriter->save(__DIR__ . '/sample.pptx');