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Adrien Crivelli
@jorge_s_b_twitter unfortunately I cannot help you with that. I don't know much about this lib
Hi! I want to modify a document '.docx' following the submission of a form.
But I can't get my POST data in the modifyDoc() method. Can you help me please?
alguien que haya modificado el tamaño del pdf porque me quita el enmarcado del word
@Jeremyzarra Please speak english. You will have more answers
I'm having an issue with the PHPWord library fails to open a .doc file. Is it just impossible to do this on unix? Seems like the error is related to a microsoft library for reading the fonts within a doc file.
error: https://gist.github.com/Acen/1ba81979a10b336fe548f575653ef54d
@Acen You can open an issue on PhpWord repository and add a sample file, please :)
guys, is there any way to make img tag works for html convertion to docx without the need of the closing bracket?
this works <img src="logo.png" alt="" height="42" width="42" /> but this does not work <img src="logo.png" alt="" height="42" width="42" >
the issue is that I need to use jquery .html to retrieve the content and it removes the "/" by default.
I wonder if I can use php tidy to fix ç.ç.
how can i add column break in phpword ??

is there any way to count the number of lines left before inserting another item

@pascaldls have u got any solutions

I am using phpword to convert a doc file loaded from source to pdf but all design header footer and charts images not converted to pdf
what shouuild i try
@woganmay @Attu123
I am using phpword to convert a doc file loaded from source to pdf but all design header footer and charts images not converted to pdf
what shouuild i try
$phpWord->addFontStyle seems to be ignored. I'm using the example on the github page.
Am I missing something obvious? I can't figure it out
Edvin Hultberg
Hello, I have a question. I've been working with the TemplateProcessor and noticed that the word document is created in and downloaded from Microsoft Office.com has no "word/document.xml" file, but its located at "word/document2.xml". Has anyone experienced this before? I noticed that inside "[Content types].xml" there is a tag "Override" referencing the document2.xml file.
<Override PartName="/word/document2.xml" ContentType="application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wo rdprocessingml.document.main+xml" />
Edvin Hultberg
I ended up with some an overrode of TemplateProcessor::getMainPartName() which looks for any override in Content_Types file
I need to create conventions from the data of a form. Is it possible to take a static model of the convention and insert the information of the form in order to generate a new convention????
if so how can I do it please?
Parijit Kedia
borderStyle for table cell property doesnt work. For some reason the table is not getting rendered. Any reason for that?
Parijit Kedia
is there a way to know that you are rendering the last page of the document
Parijit Kedia
Is there a way to set different column width in section
Hy, i would like to know if is possible to add html code with TemplatingProcessor .