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Aug 2016
Aug 07 2016 12:08
hi there
What's the difference between PhpSpreadsheet and PHPExcel?
Adrien Crivelli
Aug 07 2016 12:29
@taten3n PhpSpreadsheet is the next version of PHPExcel
Adrien Crivelli
Aug 07 2016 12:44
@MarkBaker, @Progi1984, I'd like to contribute more, at least to fix all unit tests, but I am a bit concerned by the lack of feedback I got so far. It seems you are all pretty busy, or maybe on holidays. And I know that maintaining PHPExcel while refactoring PHPSpreadsheet is no small task. But have you considered adding someone to the team ? Perhaps someone that could "only" help triage issues so you can focus more on code ? or someone who would be willing to help coding ?