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Aug 2016
Adrien Crivelli
Aug 16 2016 16:20
@MarkBaker I just pushed what should be the last massive change (namespace thing and code style). From now on I'll focus on unit tests like I said. But I have a few questions:
  1. can we get rid of phar building system ?
  2. can we get rid of custom autoloader and assuming everyone use composer for PhpSpreadsheet (so Bootstrap.php would disappear) ?
  3. what's up with ./Examples and ./Documentation/Examples ? should they be merged somehow ? and more generally the doc split in Markdown and .doc ? is it still being worked on ?
  4. what about migrating changelog to Markdown ?
Mark Baker
Aug 16 2016 21:07
1/2. The entire build folder is historic, dating back to when we distributed a set of files with or without documentation ; so that can be obliterated.... as for the phar builder, I'd still like to see it as an option for the benefit of those developers (and there are still a surprisingly large number of them) who don't use composer (just reading some of the questions on StackOverflow shows that there are still a lot). I'm not sure if the current phar build even works at present, but I'd like to bring it back into use, because that high percentage of developers that don't use composer often aren't familiar with git either, and while a git zip download is straightforward, a phar is even easier to work with because it is just a single file.
1/2 contd. Similarly, for those who don't use composer, the bootstrap/autoloader works well enough, and I'd prefer to keep it there for those non-composer users.
1/2 contd. That's largely an interim solution, in due course, I'm sure that we'll reach a stage where they do become redundant and we can drop them, but they work for the moment, and allow use of PHPExcel as a standalone library, without causing any problem for composer use.... I think we just need to make sure that the documentation is clear on when to use them, and when to trust composer
Mark Baker
Aug 16 2016 21:14
3. /Examples is a folder containing general examples displaying a range of methods and recipes for building spreadsheets, whereas /Documentation/Examples contains individual and working examples for the code snippets in the documentation, each typically demonstrating a single specific feature.... at least, that was the idea, although it isn't comprehensive coverage of every example in the docs.... they could probably be amalgamated, but that's a large chunk of work, especially as many of them are out of date and would need fixing as well (not least for our namespacing changes)
4. No problems with that, and I think we could strip out all the historic entries there; and probably also automate a changelog build based on the github issues... not sure what other projects do, but it could be worth taking a look at how to update a changelog file based on github issues, somebody somewhere has surely done something along those lines
Mark Baker
Aug 16 2016 22:34
Are there any graphics people reading who would be able to rework the old PHPExcel logo image for PhpSpreadsheet?
(or even come up with a new design)