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Nov 2016
Romans Malinovskis
Nov 30 2016 09:56
@PowerKiKi Hi and thanks for your work on PhpSpreadsheet. I've been open-source developer for 10 years and my latest project looks to replace ORM/QueryBulider concept with a hybrid approach designed for high-latency databases by using advanced queries. I am currently working on an extension that offers some awesome report-generation capabilities in term of data aggregation, merging and processing.
I've been using PHPExcel in some projects but knowing that you're into PhpSpreadsheet I wanted to come and ask if it's worth adding support for PHPExcel or should I focus only on the new product.
(my intention is not to advertise, but is my open source project)
Mainly what I need is ability to use EXISTING excel as a template and stretch certain segment by inserting the data then saving file under a different name.
Adrien Crivelli
Nov 30 2016 12:10
@romaninsh the README should help you decide. If you feel confident following the breaking changes that will happen before a final release, then start directly with PhpSpreadsheet
If what you do is mostly getValue() setValue() on a few cells, that should not be too much trouble. But there is still a risk that you have to take willingly
Romans Malinovskis
Nov 30 2016 19:55
I'll give it a go ;)