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Nov 2017
Adrien Cohen
Nov 15 2017 13:25
@PowerKiKi Could you check my last comment on #261 ? Also about 0 based/ 1 based column index we are agree that all function should be 1 based not only stringFromColumnIndex (like getColumnByOffset in PhpOffice\PhpSpreadsheet\Worksheet\AutoFiler) ?
Adrien Cohen
Nov 15 2017 13:31
Or I don't know seems like Worksheet is all 0 based
Adrien Crivelli
Nov 15 2017 15:44
@adriencohen I'll have more time to reply on the week-end. Have a look at #273 for the stringFromColumnIndex things... I think it should be 1 indexed, but I didn't check the entire code base, so I might be wrong.....
@adriencohen Also, please let me know if/when you actually start working on #273, because I though I might work on that this week-end, but honestly if you can help that would be much appreciated. If you do work on that, I'll assign the issue to you on GitHub
(I'd love to publish a beta 2 this week-end and a final release beginning of December)