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Nov 2017
Adrien Crivelli
Nov 20 2017 01:19
@dmikester1_twitter did you mean "I am not calling that" in your last sentence ? if you don't call it on that particular cell, maybe something else trigger that calculation anyway, such as calling getCalculatedValue() on another which depends (indirectly) on that particular cell ?
Adrien Crivelli
Nov 20 2017 01:24
@dmikester1_twitter I also suggest you debug the formula itself in Excel. So you should be able to substitute W33, H33 and Z33 with their actual values as seen in Excel and compare those value with what you see in PhpSpreadsheet. The question being is PhpSpreadsheet getting the right values but somehow mess up the SQRT calculcation, or rather if PhpSpreadsheet get the wrong value for a more obscure reason ? I'd bet on the later, but it should be confirmed...
Mike Dodge
Nov 20 2017 03:34
@PowerKiKi Maybe I more confused than I thought. But I did mean that I am calling getCalculatedValue() on that cell. In the SO post, it says "It will only calculate cell values if you explicitly call the cell's getCalculatedValue()", so I thought want to calculate the cell's value when I read it in my program. It should spit out "n/a", which it looks like is working correctly. It just throws that warning in the output which looks ugly and I'd like to figure out what exactly is throwing it. I will do the calculations by subbing the values for the cell references and let you know.