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Nov 2017
Adrien Crivelli
Nov 26 2017 06:53
@/all Just released beta2. This will become the final 1.0.0 in a few weeks if everything goes right. be careful when you upgrade from beta1, because beta2 has new breaking changes
@SanderJP see the doc, PhpSpreadsheet has very limited support for encrypted file. So it's likely that what you want is not possible. But if you are talking about write protection, then there is nothing special to do to read the file
Adrien Crivelli
Nov 26 2017 07:11
@AlexP11223 there's been a lot of changes between PHPExcel 1.8.1 and PhpSpreadsheet 1.0.0-beta2. Many small fixes unfortunately don't appear in the changelog...
@Dfred I don't know anything about removing drawing... you'll have to dig into the code to find out
@ViktorKim setReadDataOnly() is on the reader, not the IOFactory. The doc you referred to seems correct to me.