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Feb 2018
Adrien Crivelli
Feb 07 03:17
@Karu666_twitter AFAIK there is nothing out of the box that convert a column into a row, but that docs should give you the tools to do it yourself:
Carlo van Eeckhoven
Feb 07 08:39
Hi, I've tried that but can't seem to be able to copy the data from one to another sheet. How do I copy and paste from one sheet to another? I've used $spreadsheet2 = $reader->load to load a sheet but don't know how to actually get data from the first sheet into the specific cells in the other one.
Carlo van Eeckhoven
Feb 07 11:37
Right now I'm stuck at trying to write an array to an .xlsm file (data I got from an .csv file) Is this even possible? All I'm getting are 'compatibility issues' and an empty .xlsm file.