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I need after searching the airline, and selected the airline of choice, then the script will generate an invoice for the customer.
NO response!
Hello do you have installation manual?
Are there different themes
andi jo
Are available in low and a country hotel in Indonesia?
Fly & Fly
Hello sir, i am looking for a Travel app, please i need your support
Vahe Evoyan
Hey guys, do you know what is the recommended version for PHP?
Bryan Weatherman
Does this software work with a GDS or do I have to add the inventory?
Hi there
I want to try free version of phptravel to my serever
  1. Is the price of web application include flight module?
AOA sir
i couldn't sign in with admin
Bryn Joe
Hey, are there rule and rate restrictions? Does the license include the Open Source code, scripts, etc?
hey is the mobile application customizeable?
i want both web and mobile
Hi there, I have already install php travels on ubuntu 16.0.4, when installation finish and then i click URL admin, the page alway back to installation URL why this happen ?. Advice me please.
John van der Velden
hello, I have a question. about phptravel. Can i add own houses next to the tripadvisor api?
and can muliple house owners login in their own section and look how the rentout is going?
demo admin section is not working
Looks promising but nobody replies.
@brynjoseph_twitter yes there is rules and restrctions and also it is open source code script
@masoodw1 yes mob apps are opensource code for white page please open ticket
@jfvdvelden_twitter yes you can add your own properties and property owners can manage their listings
@Jejeo we are always here on livechat or here on this chat
Adhik Joshi
can you guys provide documentation for how can we make our own modules?
there are lots of devs are there who can contribute to this, and put for sale in your site . you and we can earn from it
if anyone needes this script kicked out the purchase key to be removed out of system just mail me on this mail one time payment and u can resale/install the script to other domains
@vahe-evoyan i can help u set it up for you on your server at a free cost if anyone needs help setting up and installing it on your server for free just mail me or skype me johnmathew651 just love to help my mail
@zaheen yes thier is an Installation Manuel on the site check it out
Ya'suf dany
hey Anyone know in the phptravel apps when you book a hotel, its just show loading screen, but if you check on admin it booked, why?
can this application run in ubuntu??
@yasfdany i belive the app has in some bugs in it i can help u out if u care to write me a mail @ @closterfield yes the application can run perfectly in ubuntu i too can help u out with installtion and set up
is it still alive?
how can I help you ?
@1dasiatravels_twitter additional license means you can install on multiple domains
@closterfield yes it can run on ubuntu
Hello everyone we are now available here officially. at :
you may contact us anytime.
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Ua Malik
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Andrii Prima
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