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Alexander Rios
is there something I'm missing?
Hello all! Can i connect to ms sql db ?
Alexandr Antonov

Hello, everybody! I getting started to learn PHPixie by official tutorial (https://phpixie.com/quickstart.html) and faced problem.
I did all steps in section (ORM relationships and pagination). But i get error

Undefined offset: 1
public function getEntity($id)
return $this->loader->getByOffset($this->idOffsets[$id]);
public function loadProperty($property)

Good morning, I just took over a project that is using phpixie and I have a Problem with the File upload. Everything is working fine until I upload an image with more than 2MB in file size. That I get following Error finfo::file(): Empty filename or path
We already increased post_max_size = 20M
upload_max_filesize = 20M in the php.ini. Has anyone encountered this problem or has anyone some hints for me where to find a solution
Maxi Di Rienzo
@Paradoxor run a script with a php_info(); and check if your settings are effectively being applied, some hosts do not allow overriding these settings from php.ini and you need to do it from the control panel or ask the provider.
Hey @maxidirienzo thanks for the hint looks like it is fixed now
Roman Tsiupa
@kip260384 For next 15 years? JS or Java I guess
@net_star_twitter it can connect to ms sql but the ORM doesn't have a driver for it
@Raccoon22_gitlab can you paste your orm config please?
melo dramatic
phpixie is doen again i think. i need the tutorial related to mongodb
ZonD Eighty
Hello everyone!
I'm trying to find answer - is it possible to orderBy relationship parameter?
Fee Zocher
hi all!
just started with phpixie some minutes ago. I would like to start all over with the installation because of some error messages. is it enough to rm -r the intall directory?
Alexander Grigorev
Hello everyone, does anyone know how to make a polymorphic relationship?
Roman Tsiupa
@ZonD80 sure
do you have a specific issue? otherwise it's in the doc
@fee_zocher_twitter sure
@visavi in general? or in ORM?
Alexander Grigorev
@dracony yes in ORM

I have a comment table, in which there are records from news from articles, etc.

I need to get, for example, all comments on a specific article. through communication

as well as in laravel there are links morphMany

Roman Tsiupa
so the easiest way to achieve this is to have tables e.g.:
news, articles, pictures, comments
and relationship tables:
news_comments, articles_comments, pictures_comments etc.

you can also keep them all in one table items_comments with layout like:

comment_id, news_id, article_id, picture_id

and then define relationships like:

            // mandatory options
            'type'  => 'manyToMany',
            'left'  => 'article',
            'right' => 'comment',

            'pivot' => 'items_comments',

            'pivotOptions' => array(
                'leftKey'  => 'articleId',
                'rightKey' => 'commentId',
this way you can keep all comment relationships in one table
but that is if you want a manyToMany Relationship
which probably you dont
since a comment is either on an article or on a picture
Roman Tsiupa
for oneToMany just create in your comments table fields like
article_id, picture_id, news_id etc.
and define relationships on those
Alexander Grigorev
Спасибо за вариант, но если честно не очень хорошее решение, избыточность БД
I looked through the PHPixie on Github. Last commit was on 16 Feb 2018. I want ask, PHPixie is living yet? Should I start a new project with it?
Is here anybody?
Anton Kolenkov
@ghost~5ceee3a2d73408ce4fc1b0d1 Sometimes :)
Hi @dracony! I've added PR to Cache component. It will allow to use persistent connections for memcached driver.
Anton Kolenkov
PHPixie officially -dead- not supported? :)
@dorantor I'm afraid yes :-)
Anton Kolenkov
@sobolevna I see. Thanks. I think it would be better to make it official.
Samuel Sampaio
I'm pretty lost with PHPixie, I want to work with it, but I'm getting it wrong, could anyone help me?
Roman Tsiupa
Hi :)
It's not officially dead, but I
did not sadly work on any new features for a while
@dorantor will take a look
looks good, merged !
Thanks for helping out!