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Aug 2017
Anton Kolenkov
Aug 31 2017 12:23
@dracony do phpixie3 have any solution for memcache counters?
Roman Tsiupa
Aug 31 2017 21:44
phpixie 3 does have a memcache cache driver
I could add counters to that
but idk if it fits the whole cache thing
you can do mongodb counters though
but for memcache I guess a library would be better
Anton Kolenkov
Aug 31 2017 23:27
I was wondering if I missed something. It seems I don't :) I wrote my own dead simple lib for memcached counters. But there is one issue. I'm using already built and prepared memcached object from phpixie memcached driver. But now I need to add some settings(like binary protocol) and I don't see how it could be done. Not implemented yet?