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Repo info
Hi, everyone.
I brought Holybro Pixhawk 4 mini.
Does anyone already use it?
Can I adjust PID settings by using QGround Control application?
Ivan Riol
I have pix4 too, works fine w qgc..thou I prefer MP
Are mac's MP2 and Win's MP same stability?
Because I cannot use MP now for repairing Win PC.
I have mac now.
Hi Guys, Pixhawk 2.4.8 have two chip Main STM32F427 and Second STM32F100. By .apj file we change firmware for Main chip. What about second failsafe chip how it debug/rebuild/work?
@2ndarystorage you can check the parameters list on QGC and can change the respective pid values for stable result
@Abai85 whatever i have studied i found the failsafe parameters are just for notification and the output is seen on QGC
@vivek2019 Thank you so much^^ I will check PID values of parameters list.
hello, can anyone help me out here? I have a physical Pixhawk i'm using with Gazebo (and airsim) for HITL simulation. Connected to my Pixhawk, with Telemetry2, is a RaspberryPi with DroneKit installed. All I want to do is make a drone move in any direction I want, with any velocity i want, via a Python script and that does NOT use a GPS. My RPi can talk to my Pixhawk, Gazebo starts fine, QGC is working fine, but i cannot for the life of me get DroneKit to make my drone move. (all i can do is connect to the pixhawk, arm/disarm, and change modes). I've read that i need to put my drone in OFFBOARD mode. In order to do this it needs to be armed first, and in order to place my drone in OFFBOARD mode it needs "setpoints" sent to it every 0.2 seconds(?). I've been troubleshooting this for weeks and i've made little progress.
hello ... i have a project in college . I have to build a drone delivery system. Can anyone tell me how we can do that. how we can give commands to the pixhawk or make new modules. We dont want to use remote control and gonna use gps instead. Please help my mail id is mayankthakur231@gmail.com
Hi, trying to use Gazebo and ROS and I’m getting a CMake error. Anybody have an idea why?
Just following the has to do wtih catkin and the ubuntu_sim_ros_gazebo.sh script
@mayankthakur0007 refer pixhwak site and messages or drone kit website for that.
Chenghao Yang
@jeprince I am doing the same thing, we can have a talk. My email address is ych15@mails.tsinghua.edu.cn
Mridul Babbar
we are working on long range swarm solutions, would anyone would like to work on this with us?
please someone help urgently.... i want urgent help.... i am using apm 2.8 ardupilot and using it to build a quadcopter... when i connect it with mission planner ...i connects well...all gps , compass , accelerometer , rc are calibrated but when i start my rc it does not arm.... when i click on arm manullay in mission palnner....it says that error:command rejected by mav
Ivan Riol
should pop some error on the MP screen or click on the messages tab and it should show....
Hi any one who has been able to run PX4 on beaglebone blue. I need help.

So I used a stereo camera, a TX2 on top of Pixhawk to achieve fully autonomous drone flight and collision avoidance.

In case someone is also interested, here is how I have done it:https://github.com/generalized-intelligence/GAAS/tree/master/demo/tutorial_1

Hello, I have an error when compiling Zubax_gnss, but I don’t know how to solve it. Can someone answer it for me? Maybe this is a little white question!
cc1plus: error: -Werror=implicit-fallthrough: no option -Wimplicit-fallthrough
zubax_chibios///chibios/os/common/ports/ARMCMx/compilers/GCC/rules.mk:198: recipe for target 'build/obj/nmea.o' failed
make: * [build/obj/nmea.o] Error 1
Bharat Tak
You can't just look of a valid MSG_TYPE byte in the stream following the corrupt byte, it might randomly occur in the payload packets and you'd endup reading incorrect bytes for MSG_SIZE
I have bought a new pixhawk cube 2.1, when I try to connect using mission planner, the FC is not getting detected. But, I try connecting other couple of Pixhawk, it's all good. Any solution would be appreciated
I'm building {X4
I'm building PX4 by Windows Cygwin Toolchain ,It's OK to build px4_sitl, but when I build px4_fmu-v2 or v3, it will show :"error: syntax error near unexpected token `(' "
Hi, I'm troubleshooting an intel aero drone that's having wifi issues (iwlwifi keeps saying 'Hardware error detected. Restarting.' and, well, restarting). I can't seem to find a current chat system or forum for the intel aero, anyone have a pointer to one? Or for drones in general?
I have made a pixhawk fmuv3 setup on a breakout board with all the peripherals. I am able to upload latest firmware on to the setup. When I try to select the airframe, upon restart the airframe is not saved.
To make sure, I tested the status of the mtd through NSH. I get an error that mtd driver is not started. I tried starting it using ‘mtd start’ command but it could not be started.
Can someone please tell me what could be the problem?
Zhang Jianfei
How can i get the permission to post a topic in discuss.px4.io?
İsmail Emre Canpınar
Hello, is there an example like Hello Sky? For moving drone, like 5 meters nort( or forward).I just need a little example of this. Can anyone lead me to a source?
Can the px4 support the Tdrone model?
xiaowei zhao
@iemre98 maybe you can reference offboard demo。
Is there anyone using UWB fusion in Px4 through the visual odometer interface
Hey can anyone explain to me how to manually add one (or multiple)SITL PX4s to a Gazebo world. I copied the model files from Github but when i open gazebo and add them to my world they dont connect to my STIL PX4 instance, even when the exact IP address for the SITL PX4 is hardcoded in the model .SDF file
Brian Amin
@jeprince Are you running gazebo standalone? How are you opening gazebo
@BAmercury gazebo ./iris.world --verbose
i've also tried just launch gazebo without a world
when i run with --verbose i get errors that it cannot find the plugins but i'm not sure how to fix it
Brian Amin
Oh word, so looks like you need to build the plugins and then install them. Have you looked at this? https://dev.px4.io/v1.9.0/en/setup/dev_env_linux.html#jmavsimgazebo-simulation
Sorry wrong link 1 sec
Brian Amin
And then for building the plugins check the readme on here: https://github.com/PX4/sitl_gazebo

@BAmercury I'm still having issues. I cloned the sitl_gazebo repo, tried "cmake .." and it failed (im on ubuntu 18.04 so maybe that's why?). I cloned the PX4/Firmware repo, and ran the following commands
cd Firmware
git checkout v1.8.2
git submodule update --init --recursive
make posix_sitl_default gazebo

It starts gazebo with a SITL PX4, but if i try gazebo ./iris.world --verbose it gives me errors that file paths are wrong, If i try with in the cloned sitl_gazebo you mentioned it says plugins cant be found and file paths are wrong.

Brian Amin
@jeprince when you ran cmake .. what did it say?
@BAmercury I just tried it again on Ubuntu 16.04 i got:
--   Found gstreamer-1.0 , version 1.8.3
-- Checking for module 'gstreamer-base-1.0 >= 1.0'
--   Found gstreamer-base-1.0 , version 1.8.3
-- Checking for module 'OGRE'
--   Found OGRE, version 1.9.0
CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:70 (add_subdirectory):
  The source directory


  does not contain a CMakeLists.txt file.

-- Could NOT find MAVLink (missing:  MAVLINK_INCLUDE_DIRS) (found version "2.0")
-- catkin DISABLED
-- Found Protobuf: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libprotobuf.so  
-- Checking for module 'protobuf'
--   Found protobuf, version 2.6.1
-- Gazebo version: 9.11
-- Found GStreamer: adding gst_camera_plugin
-- Found GStreamer: adding gst_video_stream_widget
CMake Error: The following variables are used in this project, but they are set to NOTFOUND.
Please set them or make sure they are set and tested correctly in the CMake files:
looks like its looking for _MAVLINK_INCLUDE_DIR and its value

I saw this comment but I don't know how to "use pymavlink to generate header files"


i copied the "mavlink" folder from PX4/Firmware into the SITL_gazebo cloned repo and everything compiled. Now, when i run gazebo with gazebo worlds/iris.world it says:
abuser@labuser-VBox:~/src/sitl_gazebo$ gazebo worlds/iris.world 
Error Code 11 Msg: Unable to find uri[model://iris]

made changes to ~/.bashrc file per the README, now it works on Ubuntu 16.04, still no luck on 18.04


Brian Amin
@jeprince I'll try to find some time this week and run it on my 18.04 I'll get back to you
McKay Whight
Hey everyone, I'm trying to understand how motor actuation takes place in PX4. As far as I can see, the controller (rover_pos_control in my case) publishes control information to _t_actuator_controls_0, then the PX4FMU class calls the OutputMixer's mix operation in its run method which retrieves control values from _t_actuator_controls_0, mixes the values, and then the OutputMixer class calls the PX4FMU's updateOutputs function which directly sets PWM duty cycle inside pwm_servo.c. What I don't understand is if we are connecting our motors to the PX4IO chip, at what point does the PX4FMU code send the duty cycle information to the PX4 IO board? Does it somehow use px4io.cpp to send the information over UART? At the moment, it looks like the code inside px4io.cpp just gets information directly from _t_actuator_controls_0 and sends it straight to the IO chip, without ever talking to PX4FMU and without ever mixing the control values. Does mixing take place on the IO chip itself? Any help would be amazing