These are chat archives for PX4/Hardware

Jan 2016
Lorenz Meier
Jan 31 2016 00:05
Simon Wilks
Jan 31 2016 11:37
Cool. When can we get it :)
Gus Grubba
Jan 31 2016 21:02
@pkocmoud The changes to the ESP01 firmware are in master. Here is the commit: dogmaphobic/mavesp8266#8
Phillip Kocmoud
Jan 31 2016 21:03
I have never compiled, can you email a bin?
Gus Grubba
Jan 31 2016 22:01
Sorry, I was getting ready to leave. I will be back tomorrow:
I will eventually need to automate the builds and a place to put these binaries. QGC would then check to see if there are updates and offer to upload them automatically.