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Feb 2016
Andrew Tridgell
Feb 23 2016 01:59
hi All, some ArduPilot users have reported parameter corruption on Pixracer after a reboot. I have reproduced it on my board. I have also reproduced FRAM write failures using "mtd rwtest" but only when the ms5611 driver is running. I have also reproduced it on px4 master, so it is not ardupilot specific
for anyone who is interested, the way I reproduced it in px4 master is
1) replace rcS with just "sercon" and "nshterm /dev/ttyACM0 &", so I get a convenient nsh shell on usb on startup (I don't have a debug cable setup)
2) on boot, connect with terminal program on usb, run "uorb start" followed by "mtd start /fs/mtd", followed by "mtd rwtest /fs/mtd"
I find that rwtest is reliable. I then start ms5611 using "ms5611 start"
and after that mtd rwtest /fs/mtd is no longer reliable. It fails some runs
this indicates a likely failure of communication with the FRAM
interestingly, it is failing in a write test, like this: "mtd: write failed"
that indicates the FRAM drivers knows it fails the write, it isn't just silent corruption
I also noticed that px4 is not running the mtd rwtest on startup.
Andrew Tridgell
Feb 23 2016 02:14
@pkocmoud how difficult would it be to get a SPI bus trace on a Pixracer on the FRAM/ms5611 bus? We would need the two chip select pins plus MISO and MOSI.
Mark Whitehorn
Feb 23 2016 03:43
It looks like "mtd rwtest" isn't locking the SPI bus, so there would definitely be collisions with the MS5611. But the code in param.c looks OK to me.
Mark Whitehorn
Feb 23 2016 04:25
@tridge I have run into problems in the past with fs/mtd/params being corrupted on cycling power (likely due to a write being interrupted on power-down), but I've cycled power on my PixRacer dozens of times in the past week without encountering any problems running PX4 master.
Andrew Tridgell
Feb 23 2016 05:02
@kd0aij I hadn't noticed the special case for blocking interrupts in param.c on FMUv4. That indeed explains the difference. Not nice
Andrew Tridgell
Feb 23 2016 05:37
i've put the same workaround in ArduPilot now, although we really should fix the SPI locking to work with ramtron properly in future
Nick Arsov
Feb 23 2016 07:13
Hi Andrew, here's the picture with test points. All test point labels correspond to the STM32F427VIT6 pin names:
This message was deleted
...for example C2 means FMU PC2 pin