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Jun 2016
Moses Bangura
Jun 25 2016 03:03


I have a new clone of the PX4 firmware uploaded unto a new Pixhawk (with the irlock module enabled) board. Thereafter, I connect my pixy irlock hardware as described in to my Pixhawk. Unfortunately, when I execute

irlock start

I get the following error "irlock: failed to initialize device, stopping driver". Going through the irlock driver code, I can tell that it fails at line 154 of My Pixy is running pixy_firmware-2.0.17-general.hex firmware which I'm guessing is the latest firmware. While connected and powered from the Pixhawk, the LED light on the pixy board is very dim white and I guess it also blinks at a very high frequency.

The Pixy board is calibrated using the PixyMon software and powering the Pixy and Pixkhawk by using the USB on the Pixy, the sensor can identify the object it has been trained to detect.

On the same i2c port, when I connect a px4flow sensor, it works quite well with the following warnings

WARN [px4flow] scanning I2C buses for device..
PX4FLOW on I2C bus 1 at 0x42 (bus: 100 KHz, max: 400 KHz)

I would appreciate help from anyone that has used pixy with Pixhawk.


Randy Mackay
Jun 25 2016 04:43
@dnovichman, sorry to intrude, but are you using ArduPilot or px4-stack? if it's ArduPilot (in particular Copter) then there are instructions here: It sounds like what you're doing is quite detailed so not sure if those instructions will help but just in case. Obviously not trying to steer you to another flight code. Best to stick with whatever you're using, just providing info in case it's helpful.
Moses Bangura
Jun 25 2016 05:43
@rmackay9 no I am using Pixhawk and have followed those instructions. The problem is, it is failing to initialise the i2c driver according to irlock.cpp. I will try to get use an i2c expansion bus which is my last option
Randy Mackay
Jun 25 2016 06:19
@dnovichman, cool great. Just a small point on terminology, personally I think "Pixhawk" is the name of the flight controller hardware (upon which various types of flight code can run) while "px4-stack" is one specific type of flight code written by ETH and the other good people. Of course, I didn't name either of them so I bow to the better information from others on this point.
Moses Bangura
Jun 25 2016 07:42
@rmackay9 thanks for the info on terminology. Hope there are other people that have had success using the sensor with the px4-stack
Kabir Mohammed
Jun 25 2016 16:13
@sanderux Using the Pixhack on 2 of my research copters.
Works well
One caveat : you'll need to add an external CAN transreceiver chip if you want to use external peripherals on CAN
I did, and it works just fine.