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Jun 2016
Jun 26 2016 04:36
Hello everyone. I'm totally new here. trying pixhawk for the first time. Can you clarify me one thing.. The manual from the 3dr website Manual says.. for a fixed wing, the connection for motors are in AETR config. But in the src/Firmware/ROMFS/px4fmu_common/init.d/ folder the fw configurations are in AERT mode. I searched. But I didn't get any instruction about these modes and configuring them. I know it can be figured out manually. by connecting and testing in a trial-error basis. But shouldn't there be any written documentation for this?? thanks in advance.
Nathaniel Noussias
Jun 26 2016 12:20
@kocchop If you are using ArduPlane it should be AETR.
Nathaniel Noussias
Jun 26 2016 12:26
It looks like you may be running the PX4 firmware, which 3DR docs won’t really help you with.
Sander Smeets
Jun 26 2016 22:58
@kocchop you might want to read up on the different flight stacks. Px4 != apm