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Jul 2016
Binh Nguyen
Jul 15 2016 07:57

@kd0aij Do you mean the following block? So the garbled bit is telemetry data streamed from the vehicle? I was hoping to see similar messages to when you run SITL.

Screenshot 2016-07-15 17.57.10.png

Mark Whitehorn
Jul 15 2016 13:17
did you boot without the SD card inserted?
Kabir Mohammed
Jul 15 2016 13:21
@kd0aij He's using APM don't think it matterd
Mark Whitehorn
Jul 15 2016 13:43
Pedro Roque
Jul 15 2016 15:53
@mhkabir @LorenzMeier , got finally an error for my Problem. It says Accelarometer 0 and Gyro 0 uncalibrated. After calibrationg and revooting, gives the same error.
Hardware problem?
Also says: Gyro0 and Accel0 failure: data time out
I am really tied to this, any ideas?
Pedro Roque
Jul 15 2016 17:33