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May 2017
May 25 2017 13:26
@sanderux yes, experience with the 85 but also quite a few other comporable hitecs, (several hundred over the last year or so). It's a numbers game. They're not the best servo but not the worst by any means. They are a really good one and with an even better warranty. Over the past 18 months I have about 30 varying hitecs that have to go back but that's probably in the 5% range and of those 30, probably 60-70% were user error and not broken from coming from them. Just likely a bad batch you got.
Mathew Wright
May 25 2017 16:00
Nevermind! found my answer. serial 1 is 1.5A max and serial 2 is 1A max.
Deniz Kalaslioglu
May 25 2017 16:34
Hello all, is it possible to connect PX4Flow over usart3 to the pixhawk ?
Kabir Mohammed
May 25 2017 21:30
@deksprime Bad idea - we don't support that setup