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    how to join the team?myemail address shi_fengming@163.com @dagar
    Daniel Agar
    @ghostold you should be able to signup http://slack.px4.io/
    hello, i want to change the maximum value of MPC_VEL_Z_I ,who can tell me how to do it ,thank you
    how to join the team? my email addres eelizade1@std.qu.edu.az
    Sander Smeets
    PX4 has moved to http://slack.px4.io/
    Hey guys, I got a full vtol mission flight, all goes well except that, after transition to fw, my plane suffered a height drop! about 3 meter(not fatal, but confusing!)
    I checked my log, it shows that, the pusher throttle has a sudden decrease after transition is done! My transition speed is set as 18m/s and cruising throttle is 60%
    here is my flight report
    I tried to clear the logic and found this set_idle_fw() function, could anyone explain to me what's this for?
    has anyone ever done tilt-wing vtol (like an xc-142 or NASA's GL-10) with a pixhawk?
    saeed mozafari
    does any body know, what auto tuning algorithm does px4 use for multi rotors?
    I want to use jmavsim to simulate
    but the pxh does not show. the sky and aieplne exist. no error.
    Thank you .
    Hi guys I use Pixhawk 2 for vtol drone Y6 i get tarot martin 4008 motor that can get extra thrust my drone weight is 5kg do pixhawk use max thrust for flight (battery use is maximum) or use difference throttle that drone need in difference time and position?
    time and position?
    who can do me a favor checking the faults upon this picture
    our vtol wing span 3meters weight 18kg using x3525 kv230 pushing motor
    do you know how about the minimum speed above stalling speed ?
    I would like to ask you, if anyone tried VTOL airframe in HITL simulation ? Does transitions works ? Does PWM simulator work ? I tried transitions and multicopter mode and these two thinks caused problems.
    VTOL can use by ardupilot hare
    Mridul Babbar
    @gingan-gooligoat could you help me with the duo tailsitter calibration sequence, i have tried calibrating in nose up position pitch 90 for compass, accelerometer and gyroscope.
    is it correct ?
    hello sir
    May I know the default values set for each parameter used in PX4 autopilot is been set on what basis???? Is their any guide to understand the default values better in order to fly my aircraft safely

    So I used a stereo camera, a TX2 on top of Pixhawk to achieve fully autonomous drone flight and collision avoidance.

    In case someone is also interested, here is how I have done it:https://github.com/generalized-intelligence/GAAS/tree/master/demo/tutorial_1

    Qichang Chen
    hello, My plane need to change it wing angle while transition, so I need pixhawk to output the transition status (MC,trans,FW)
    anyone know how to do it ?
    Qichang Chen
    I have a question: will Fixedwing Attitude Controller work when a tailsitter doing transition
    I have read the code said: switch (_vtol_type->get_mode()) {
    case mode::TRANSITION_TO_FW:
    case mode::TRANSITION_TO_MC:
    case mode::ROTARY_WING:
    fds[0].fd = _actuator_inputs_mc;
        case mode::FIXED_WING:
            fds[0].fd = _actuator_inputs_fw;
        switch (_vtol_type->get_mode()) {
        case mode::TRANSITION_TO_FW:
        case mode::TRANSITION_TO_MC:
        case mode::ROTARY_WING:
            fds[0].fd = _actuator_inputs_mc;
        case mode::FIXED_WING:
            fds[0].fd = _actuator_inputs_fw;
    It seem that the Fixedwing Attitude Controller will only control the surface when fixedwing mode

    Hello, I would like to know how is the VTOL offboard mode working on mavros, could anyone help me?

    The goal is to have a VTOL following waypoints via OFFBOARD. It works fine if the VTOL is in MC mode, however when the transition is requested it wont work

    Resul AYDIN
    hell does anyone know how i ping companion computer from ground station via mavlink
    Hello, in the vtol mode, is it possible to use the aux controller to vtol mode? I am currently using 4 aux channels in multicopter mode and i want to use them during fixed wing mode as well
    Is there any tiltrotor gazebo simulation?
    Alex Albert
    ─▒nertial sense pixhawk??
    Alex Albert
    do you know any information about connecting this inertial navigation system to pixhawk or do you know a post
    Alex Albert
    do you have any idea how to connect inertial sense uINS with pixhawk?
    Ivan Riol
    check out their site at https://inertialsense.com/sensor-faqs/
    you might be screwed "Do you integrate with Pixhawk?
    We provide the raw data for Pixhawk but do not integrate directly. Only GPS data can be passed to Pixhawk."
    Hi. I am working on a project to build an e-covergence ourselves. We planned to use a pixhawk 4 as flight controller. Unfortunately, we could not find what is the firmware to push into the pixhawk to continue. May I know if there is any advice for us to upload the firmware and start prototyping? Thanks in advanced :)