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May 2016
Abhimanyu Saharan
May 17 2016 10:44
Hey, everybody is welcome here to discuss about Panda Linux.
base-64 repository is created with the sole purpose of learning the internal working of a Linux operating system.
But I will still love to see this os going toe to toe with other big whales in the sea..
This os was inspired by LFS
It is still under heavy development.
Right now, my goal is to make a minimum os just like a human skeleton...nothing in it but still standing...
Abhimanyu Saharan
May 17 2016 10:49
And later I want to use this skeleton to bootstrap my own compilers and packages...
Integrate a package management syste,
Or better if we can make one for our system..
Currently, there is nothing in this system that makes it different from other operating systems out there in the world except that it is being made from scratch and that we have total control over it. Sure, there are other os's built the same way...and here is where I want your help to discuss on how to make Panda Linux different and better than the rest of them...