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Nov 2018
Jonathan Bennetts
Nov 22 2018 06:47
You could download it from the website here:
Or download the nupkg from the nuget website and extract the contents like a zip file
Or are you talking about registering the dll?
Jonathan Bennetts
Nov 22 2018 06:52
Ah or you might want the [Reflection.Assembly]::LoadFile() stuff
Jonathan Bennetts
Nov 22 2018 06:59
Found one of my example scripts... I just use
Add-Type -Path "$dllPath\ServerCommandProxy.dll"

Add-Type -Path "$dllPath\CookComputing.XmlRpcV2.dll"

$api = New-Object PaperCut.ServerCommandProxy($papercutHost, $papercutPort, $authToken);

# Get user count
$userCount = $api.getTotalUsers()
That is from a windows install though I have not tested in that fancy PoSH core stuff