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Feb 2019
I want to make this into a view
I am trying to create reports in powerbi
and I am also having issues trying to figureout why they recreated alias as col_0_0
bassically I want a create a dashboard in powerbi of all printer usage
in a table list, and then two visual widgets of the top 10 used printers
Feb 07 13:06
What is this line telling me Count(printerusa0_.printer_usage_log_id) AS 'Count',
Feb 07 13:11
@alecthegeek is it possible if I could get 'Busiest printers' sql query
Alec Clews
Feb 07 20:36

I'm guessing that they created all those aliases because of the report writer they used. You can ignore them.

I'm afraid PaperCut can't offer any help for PowerBI, creting widegets, etc That is your tool.

Count(printerusa0_.printer_usage_log_id)is counting the number of rows in the tbl_printer_usage_log table

The Busiest Printer report uses the PrintSummary By Printer Report for it's underying data so you have the correct query