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    Tom Fox
    @mpaxaz_twitter You can't exactly create an account as Parse is a self hosted backend, If you want to use one of the hosted options Back4App or Sashido then you can create accounts through their respective websites.
    @RoNDz Parse Cloud Code does give you the ability to use a beforeFind trigger
    hellow do you recomend to me to use parse server to develop my mobile app
    Tom Fox

    @lestheryes absolutely, that’s why we’re here. Many people use the Parse Platform on both small and large scale. It offers a range of client SDKs which make it extremely easy to develop mobile apps.

    Moreover you can use cloud functions and jobs to run your business logic securely. ParsePlatform.org has all the docs and api references to get you up and running quickly.

    If you come to rely on the Parse Sever we always appreciate contributions as it makes the platform better for everyone.

    that sounds perfect I ma new in this technology world I have heard about parse was off for facebook thats why I wan not sure to take this decission thank you for your answer
    Yesid Lazaro
    @solidgiant here Yesid. android developer with experience in parse apps
    how to query distinct pointer field?
    How do you activate LiveQueries on Parse server?
    Guido Ruiz
    @kalarav124 i suggest you have a copy of the field on the parent objects
    you can use hooks to enforce the consistency
    When i used Parse.Installation() method it's show this error => Can't find variable: localStorage" in getItem << getItemAsync << currentInstallationId
    Bharath Bommidala

    while updating the user record in _User database by another user, i have got up with a alert message called

    "Error- Update failed cannot modify user m5wnvcgeml"

    but i need to update the user record by another is there any javascript code please send me sir

    @b_bharath_kumar_twitter It is not good design to change one user record by another user. Create another Parse class for such information of user, which has to be changed by another user. If you want to go ahead with your design, you can use master key for doing this. But, again, don't put master key in front end. Please user cloud functions, for such updates. Code - https://docs.parseplatform.org/cloudcode/guide/#using-the-master-key-in-cloud-code
    William George
    @all - Just a note to mention that a PR has been merged: parse-community/parse-community.github.io#22 to remove this Gitter channel from the website. The idea is to guide feedback/ideas/planning traffic to the forum: https://community.parseplatform.org, help/tech support to https://stackoverflow.com, and issues to github. You can parse-community/parse-server#5419
    Abison John
    how use email as username ? where i can find all parse config parameters?
    Tom Fox
    ---- Announcement ----
    Please now use the parse-platform tag on Stack Overflow for code questions related to the client SDKs, dashboard etc and the parse-server tag for question relating to the self hosted node.js server.
    Also remember to follow Stack Overflow guidelines and if your question is not appropriate for the site please use our Community Forum.
    Tom Fox
    ---- To Summarise ----
    For issues / feature requests - GitHub issues (on the relevant repo)
    For code related questions - Stack Overflow with the parse-platform and/or the parse-server tags where appropriate
    For discussion on strategy & questions not appropriate for Stack Overflow - the Community Forum
    The Gitter chat will be closing down in due course
    ---- End of Announcement ----
    Tom Fox
    @natalio welcome to the Parse Community, can I help with anything?
    how use parse saveEventually in react-native?
    have this functionality for Parse-SDK-JS?
    yes, do you can help me?
    Tom Fox

    @natalio I just had a quick scan through the JS API Reference and I can't find saveEventually so don't think this functionality exists. If you would like to make a pull request or feature request please do on the JS repo.

    For the record we are phasing out this chat and If you have any further code level questions please ask them on Stack Overflow with the parse-platform tag - see announcement here

    @Tom-Fox1 OK thank you
    Guido Ruiz
    so while using the dashboard, sometimes I want to fill in all fields before saving the object. Right now it seems to save as soon as I provide one field on the row. Is this done intentionally?
    I wouldn't mind looking into the code and submitting a PR but I wasn't sure if this is something you just hold CTRL and do.
    Tom Fox
    @blastoy I'm not aware if this is possible so how about you make an issue on the Parse Dashboard GitHub repo. We don't really use GitHub issues for support but as you are happy to make a PR for this I think that would be fine.
    Hi everyone! In 2017 when Parse closed I was a big user. It was by far my favorite DB. When they moved it in open source I decided to move to other solutions because it was not stable enough for production. What I want to know is, do the community is taking care of all the SDK and is it stable enough for production, what are the limitation?
    Tom Fox

    @SimonBourdon We are closing down the chat in favour of other channels, so please join the community forum but I will quickly answer your questions anyway.

    My personal opinion is that most of the SDKs are in good shape but not all are super active. In fact there was a new release of the JS SDK just yesterday. The iOS SDK is lacking a committed maintainer but still works well.

    In terms of your concerns about scaling and use in production - see this - of course achieving smooth scaling is not just down to Parse Sever it also relies on you having the right infrastructure in place. Moreover the purpose of the Parse Platform is not to power the next Amazon it is to enable the next Amazon to grow to the point where it can sustain its own in-house backend etc.

    As always if there is something that doesn't work or a feature you would like to see added we are a very welcoming community that is always open to pull requests.

    It's also worth noting that since 2017 a lot of work has been put in across all of the Parse Platform to make it as stable as possible.
    Thanks for the fast response @Tom-Fox1 !
    Why are you moving out of gitter? so nice to have real time conversations
    Tom Fox

    Multiple reasons:

    • We have too many channels with questions getting cross posted
    • There is no feasible way of discovering old 'answers' on here & discussions can be hard to follow especially if more than one are going on simultaneously
    • People often end up answering questions multiple times (waste of maintainer time)
    • There is a lack of moderation capabilities which are offered in bucketloads on Stack Overflow and the Discourse forum
    • People we're using this chat for all sorts of different things which don't make sense

    See the discussion on this parse-community/parse-server#5419

    We do still use the Slack group which is useful for organisational discussion amongst maintainers (mainly in private messages - so don't be put off by the lack of activity in the public threads).

    Mohammad Ali
    Hi there, Can i have a conversation with someone that is experienced with the JS SDK?
    Hi, do anyone know what is the difference of id and _localId in Parse Object?
    How can we join the slack group btw?
    Leon Armando Moctezuma de Uriarte
    hi is there a way to find out the client uuid (anonymous) in the client side
    Ahmed Wahdan
    How can I join stack group ?
    Nathan Kellert
    Hey all. Anyone here?
    Diamond Lewis
    Moved to the Slack Group https://parseopensource.slack.com/
    Nathan Kellert
    Got an invite?