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    Tom Fox

    Multiple reasons:

    • We have too many channels with questions getting cross posted
    • There is no feasible way of discovering old 'answers' on here & discussions can be hard to follow especially if more than one are going on simultaneously
    • People often end up answering questions multiple times (waste of maintainer time)
    • There is a lack of moderation capabilities which are offered in bucketloads on Stack Overflow and the Discourse forum
    • People we're using this chat for all sorts of different things which don't make sense

    See the discussion on this parse-community/parse-server#5419

    We do still use the Slack group which is useful for organisational discussion amongst maintainers (mainly in private messages - so don't be put off by the lack of activity in the public threads).

    Mohammad Ali
    Hi there, Can i have a conversation with someone that is experienced with the JS SDK?
    Hi, do anyone know what is the difference of id and _localId in Parse Object?
    How can we join the slack group btw?
    Leon Armando Moctezuma de Uriarte
    hi is there a way to find out the client uuid (anonymous) in the client side
    Ahmed Wahdan
    How can I join stack group ?
    Nathan Kellert
    Hey all. Anyone here?
    Diamond Lewis
    Moved to the Slack Group https://parseopensource.slack.com/
    Nathan Kellert
    Got an invite?
    Dipten Bhut
    Hi, How i can survive future Parse upgrades with minimal changes on my all cloud functions ?
    Diamond Lewis
    Update every release should minimize changes. Server 3.0 and JS 2.0 were the last major releases so breaking changes were introduced
    Dipten Bhut
    We may have Parse breaking changes on Future upcoming versions like 4.x as i need to keep updating Parse server version.
    Is there anyway i can be use latest and upcoming Parse server versions in future with minimal changes on cloud code functions ?
    Diamond Lewis
    I don’t think you have to worry about that from a cloud code perspective
    Dipten Bhut
    Do you think we have any syntax or breaking changes on next version of JS 2.0 ?
    Diamond Lewis
    Since then there hasn’t been any syntax or breaking changes.
    Dipten Bhut
    Do you suggest to write an adapter kind of thing over Parse queries ?
    Ryan D. Guild
    hey anyone been playing with the graphql
    Tom Fox
    @RyanGuild I suggest you join the slack group we don’t use this chat room anymore.
    Hi, Can anyone advice how to save Parse file in ReactNative ?
    Manish Saparia
    "You cannot use [object Object] as a query parameter." Queyr = http://localhost:1337/parse/classes/Student?where={"class":{"class":"3"}} ,,,, "contact": [
    "address": {
    "street1": "Alaknanda",
    "street2": "HoneyPark Road",
    "area": "Adalaj",
    "city": "Baroda",
    "State": "Gujarat",
    "Country": "Australia"
    "class": {
    "class": 3,
    "Div": "B"
    John Thomson
    We would like to write a cloud code function that can log a user in without knowing the password. One source suggested making a Session, but even with {useMasterKey:true} I can't set the user field of a Parse.Session. Anyone know a workable approach? (unfortunately we're still on 2.8.4)
    Diamond Lewis
    We don’t use this chat room anymore please use the slack group
    Alex Gorcea
    Any way to get an invite to the slack group?
    Mitchell Jones
    Hey there fellas, I'm attempting to download a file from Parse. I've found plenty of documentation and can upload no problem, now I'm trying to retrieve the files! I get 403 error no matter what I try so far.
        fw_binary = CFAFirmware.Query.get(fw_version=version_num)
        fw_url = fw_binary.fw_file.url
        payload = {}
        headers = {
            "X-Parse-Application-Id": "{}".format(parse_utils.APPLICATION_ID),
            "X-Parse-REST-API-Key": "{}".format(parse_utils.REST_API_KEY)
        res = requests.get(fw_url, headers=headers)
    Any suggestions?
    Diamond Lewis
    Is your fileURL correct? And can you view it publicly
    Coder of Salvation / Leon van Kammen
    @mj7man_twitter maybe authentication issue? Did you copy/paste this code from the docs or did you try to do a rest-request yourself?
    Nikolay Andryukhin
    Hello, i have a problem. Couldn't find a way to query rows with array keys equal to empty array.
    For example:
    I have class 'Shelf' with key 'books' type of Array
    I have 2 rows. First row has books = [ { Pointer }, { Pointer } ]. Second row has books = []
    How do i query second row?
    @sqz:matrix.org Not sure if i understand
    @sqz:matrix.org You mean books[1] ?
    Omar Juarez
    Sashido or Back4app ?
    sqz Omar Juarez (Gitter): I do database imports/exports on a daily basis between my production & dev-server (postgres that is)
    sqz I can imagine this works similar for mongodump on the cmdline
    sqz Back4app instances also give you a mongodb uri (which can be used with mongodump e.g.)
    Omar Juarez
    Thanks for the reply @matrixbot
    Hi everyone.
    I'm new to parseplatform.

    I'm trying to retrieve the session using the rest API, but the end point does not seem to be recognized. I try reading the docs, not sure what I'am doing wrong.

    I referred to this, I think I'm following exactly

    I'm using Postman to do the testing.
    Appreciate anyone that can point me to the right direction.
    sqz Hi Ravin
    sqz Personally I use the javascript client (which automatically supports realtime data & sessions under the hood)
    sqz first question is: do you really want to use REST to manage sessions (if no, use the parse JS SDK client, logging in automatically gives you a session)
    second: if you do need to use rest, which endpoint are you calling, and what http code does postman return
    I want to use REST to manage sessions.
    I'm calling the /1/sessions/{objectid} via HTTP GET method.
    I'm using parse from the hosted platform sashido.
    There is no respond from this endpoint, its a dead one. Not even a error response.