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Nov 2016
Damian Sromek
Nov 21 2016 11:02
Hi. I'm using Payum(Bundle) and it works great for Web app.
Now I would like to create an API for iOS app.
AFAIK I would have to make iOS app get the payum_token and send it back together with Stipe's payment token.
Is there any doc/article explaining how to do it properly?
Max Kotliar
Nov 21 2016 17:54

@paq85 There is no any docs for this particular case. I would it this way:

  1. Create a kind of REST API for the Payment entity.
  2. When you create a payment it returns a payment data with payum links (they will have a token there)
  3. You can use those links from the javascript or mobile app code to send a capture requests.

Of course the communication with api must be secured

You can create a seprate api endpoint which creates those links for a given payment model, if you do not want to create them on a payment creation. (it may be too early).