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Jan 2018
Stefan Hagspiel
Jan 20 2018 07:45
@makasim what's your recommendation to integrate a existing payum gateway like klarna into a ecommerce framework (sylius for example) - specifically the initial settings part: in sylius you can't just create a controller and add all the billing information (like explained here) so you need to do it differently. i thought about adding a PopulateKlarnaFromDetailsAction extension which will add a preExecute method and populate the request model with the required data. the questions is: is that right? to add some advice to the docs about this topic would be nice :D
Cydrick Nonog
Jan 20 2018 13:17
Im creating booking system that is microservice and also im using payum micro service.
How I can link the booking to payments.
What is a good methods.
Im planning that the booking item will have the id of payments since or the payment will have the booking id