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May 2018
Khairi Husseini
May 16 2018 12:47

@tonicospinelli there are two things that helped me in unserstanding payum (and similar libraries). The first one is an understanding of the command bus pattern. Here is a nice article explaining the mechanics

The 2nd was to see some implementations in action such as and
Afaik neither has recurring payments and subscription implemented, however the heidelpay implementation shows an example how to implement an iframed solution for credit cards.
Once you grasp the command bus concept it will all be clear to you and you can concentrate on implementing the workflows of you payment methods

Antonio Spinelli
May 16 2018 17:13
@khusseini thanks for reply me! Last months I'm studying about command bus and I did identify this concept on payum-library.
so, after studying the library and other gateways I'm close to finish implementation Adyen gateway with recurring payment.
Khairi Husseini
May 16 2018 17:16
@tonicospinelli great