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Repo info
    Cydrick Nonog
    Im creating booking system that is microservice and also im using payum micro service.
    How I can link the booking to payments.
    What is a good methods.
    Im planning that the booking item will have the id of payments since or the payment will have the booking id
    Michael Stepanov
    Hi, I'm trying to integrate Payum to our system and have probably silly question. How to generate correct redirect URL? In my case the action/script with payum token always added after initial script name - targetUrl: http://localhost:8001/prepare.php/capture.php?payum_token=64-TNVVqqSytZ1MVGbilb8ZOW8Rx27LJcmdwqr5n9oc. How to make it http://localhost:8001/capture.php?payum_token=64-TNVVqqSytZ1MVGbilb8ZOW8Rx27LJcmdwqr5n9oc ?
    Max Kotliar

    @stepanov Hi

    Is it a custom application, I mean not a Symfony or other framework based ?

    Michael Stepanov
    @makasim thank you for your answer. It's based on CakePHP which is not supported by Payum. Will try your suggestion to pass baseUrl into TokenFactory.
    Michael Stepanov
    @makasim can you please give an example of processing the payment page answer, i.e. PayPal Express Checkout success/cancel redirect processing?
    hi there, can someone tell me how i persist details in an action?
    Hello anyone here
    Khairi Husseini

    Hello everyone. I'm tinkering with the payum integration in symfony and added a new factory and a capture action. When I trigger the payment, I get the Exception

    Type error: Argument 1 passed to Payum\Core\Gateway::addAction() must implement interface Payum\Core\Action\ActionInterface, string given, called in /var/www/app/vendor/payum/core/Payum/Core/CoreGatewayFactory.php on line 219

    The stack trace shows the following call Gateway->addAction('@app.payum_action.payone.capture_order', false)

    This is how I registered the factory and the action. What am I doing wrong?

          class: Payum\Core\Bridge\Symfony\Builder\GatewayFactoryBuilder
          arguments: [Valiton\Payum\Payone\PayoneGatewayFactory]
          - name: payum.gateway_factory_builder
            factory: payone
        # Overrides \Valiton\Payum\Payone\Action\CaptureAction
          class: AppBundle\Action\Payone\CaptureOrderAction
          - '@coreshop.repository.order'
          - '@coreshop.state_machine_applier'
          - name: payum.action
            factory: payone
    Khairi Husseini
    Ah oki, the symfony service entry needs to be public because the ContainerAwareCoreGatewayFactory uses the symfony container directly to add the action
    Antonio Spinelli

    hello guys, I'm studying Payum library to implement Adyen as a new gateway and we thinking to use the Payum solution to perform payments. I read the documentation and I feel that documentation are not deep/detailed enough to implement some behviours like create creditcard token or customer token in favor of recurring payments or subscription payment.

    I saw the Stripe implementation and it has similar actions about it, but is not clear how it will work.

    Do you have some sample about it?

    Khairi Husseini

    @tonicospinelli there are two things that helped me in unserstanding payum (and similar libraries). The first one is an understanding of the command bus pattern. Here is a nice article explaining the mechanics

    The 2nd was to see some implementations in action such as and
    Afaik neither has recurring payments and subscription implemented, however the heidelpay implementation shows an example how to implement an iframed solution for credit cards.
    Once you grasp the command bus concept it will all be clear to you and you can concentrate on implementing the workflows of you payment methods

    Antonio Spinelli
    @khusseini thanks for reply me! Last months I'm studying about command bus and I did identify this concept on payum-library.
    so, after studying the library and other gateways I'm close to finish implementation Adyen gateway with recurring payment.
    Khairi Husseini
    @tonicospinelli great
    Khairi Husseini
    Hello everyone. A while ago I wrote a piece of code, with which I could populate actions on the fly similar to the ContainerAwareInterface trick. I don't remember, however how to do that anymore. I created a FormbuilderAwareInterface and added a FormbuilderAwareTrait. I got paayum to call the action's setFormbuilder method in some service tag (symfony container). Does anyone know what I am talking about?
    Khairi Husseini
    helo everyone. how do I override the payum.layout_template setting for symfony?
    Stefan Hagspiel
    @makasim hey, is there any way to get the storageInterface within a action? captureAction.php for example? i need to update the model in a very early state since my paymentgateway triggers return and notify nearly at the same time...
    I there is any example with payum and restful Api
    Did Youn
    I've a question about the implementation of a gateway with PayumBundle
    I'm trying to configure the extension "paypal_rest" but after I've generate the capture token, the target URL is something like ""
    The URL should not be a direct link to paypal ?
    Richard Wins

    Hello everyone

    is there any documentation for paypal subscription integration with payum bundle? Unfortunately I can't find it and am not able to integrate it on my own.

    Thanks very much and have a great day :)

    Khairi Husseini

    hey everyone. when using payum in symfony, I am trying to override an action of my gateway like so (app/config.yml):

          factory: payone
          key: 'payone_key'
          merchant_id: 'payone_merchant_id'
          portal_id: 'payone_portal_id'
          sub_account_id: 'payone_sub_account_id'
          sandbox: true
          payum.action.convert_payment: '@payment.action.convert_payment'
          payum.template.get_pseudo_card_pan: '@Payment/Action/get_pseudo_card_pan.html.twig'
          payum.api: false

    But when my gateaway is loaded, the configuration is overwritten by its defaults
    how can I override the payum.action.convert_payment or if that is not possible, how can I inject the Symfony DIC into a GatewayFactoryInterface?

    the factory is created like so:
        class: Payum\Core\Bridge\Symfony\Builder\GatewayFactoryBuilder
        arguments: [PaymentBundle\PayoneGatewayFactory]
        - name: payum.gateway_factory_builder
          factory: payone
    Freddy Rommel
    have anyone tried to use payum in magento 2.
    i do not want to integrate it, but i want to know if it would be possible...
    Are there any further extensions ?
    Max Kotliar
    It should be possible
    Steven Parker
    Quick PayU Integration using Golang, Must Check the Code Here - Is there any Improvement?
    Michael Stepanov
    @Fredwak IMHO Payum is the best option to build standalone payment gateway worked like a microservice. If you need integration solution even for magneto I guess it'd be better to use Omnipay.