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Aleh Kashnikau
I haven't got test for it, but it should. use, namespace also should work
Axel Anceau
statics and self:: also?
Aleh Kashnikau
but parent doesn't
Axel Anceau
Aleh Kashnikau
I will implement it after this pr mkusher/padawan.php#14
Axel Anceau

Hello, I'm new with Atom, and I tried to install and use atom-autocomplete-php in a pure Symfony 2 project. But it doesn't complete the Symfony 2 class.

For example, when I type "return new JsonResponse($json)", it doesn't autocomplete JsonResponse and doesn't automatically add the use statement.

I set up the composer and php path (PHP is from MacPorts, and composer is installed in macports bin directory (so /opt/local/bin/composer, and /opt/local/bin/php), and symfony framework is of course installed through composer and in vendor/ directory.

Anyone have an idea why it doesn't work?
Apparently there seems to be realted with a conflict with another Atom extension, has if I disable all of them except atom-autocomplete-php, it works.
Ok, for information there seems to be an incompatibility between "atom-autocomplete-php" and "atom-beautify". Once I uninstall or disable the "atom-beautify", atom-autocomplete-php works just fine :)
Does this plugin also work with laravel 5.1?
Axel Anceau
Hello, I don't know, I never tested on it. If it works with composer so it should
Sébastien Viallemonteil
Hi there, is there a way to indicate the composer.json file path, it's not a the root of my folder, I have an error that says it can't find the composer.json (it's just on folder below...)
Is there in free PHP dev environments "Find method/var usages" ?
Jean-Philippe Murray
Am I normal if I don't get how/where to import "use" statement for a given class?
Axel Anceau
@jpmurray Nop ^^
Yuriy Semenov
Please, explain, why I can't see suggests for $this->, but I see for parent::?
Where is php bin in linux mint?
has anyone used autocomplete for .97.8 version ?
the content slides down after options are displayed. How to resolve it ?
Hi there i guess there was a couple of this kind of question , but i want to change sublime to atom , i am working with Laravel projects and i can make working "use" namespace. Ex. In sublime text i wrote in controller Model::find and hit F5 on Model and i get auto-completed use App\Model , in Atom autocomplete i can't achieve this. Some help pls?
Hi, anybody got same problem as me? $this-> autocomplete not working, in atom dev tools found Failed to get methods for App\Presenters\AuthenticatedPresenterTemplate : Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0 referencing to .atom/packages/atom-autocomplete-php/lib/services/php-file-parser.coffee
(line 620) -> # Can be empty for closures.
if funcName and funcName.length > 0
params = proxy.docParams(@getFullClassName(editor), funcName)
                    if params.params? and params.params[element]?
                        return @getFullClassName(editor, params.params[element].type, true)
Hi, I have a problem. How can I show the whole function that cantains the function name, parameters, bracket ?
like this
Is someone online ? Help, please
Welcome @me
@ me
I need help :c
Kun Hernowo Putra
anyone, can u tell me how to use atom with laravel namespace
Alexis NIVON
Hello there !
Has someone already tested atom-autocomplete-php with atom-symfony2 ?
Wojciech Kuśmierczyk
Hello guys
I have problem with plugin for Atom atom-autocomplete-php. I attach the Stack trace from atom in this issue: Peekmo/atom-autocomplete-php#222
Could you help me?
It is unclear for me if the autoload path in the plugin settings needs to be modified every time i change project or if the autoload path is relative to the current file i'm working from.
IS there a php live server
Pierre-Emmanuel Lallemant
Hi. Is the repository still maintained ? It's the best PHP autocomplete plugin for atom and I find it trist to see it has some problems still. I'm wondering if you have time to investigate on issues, or if we do push merge requests will you have time to check/validate ? or you dont have time anymore for it ? Thanks.
Isaac Skelton
The last two days I have had a problem with this plugin. Most of the time it works fine but as soon as I try to type $stmt->bindParam(...);, atom crashes at $stmt- after I type '>'. So far I haven't encountered this anywhere else. After disabling the plugin it no longer crashes.
Does anyone know how to fix this?
hi someone here to help?
Gabriel Caruana
is it just mine that oesnt let me do go to?
何 龍
Hello, It's the best PHP autocomplete plugin for atom,It is very helpful for me.However, there is one problem.When enter the function of php, it correctly completes. However, when you enter a function you defined==>$reresult.but I want enter $result......
What should I do
Kishan Maniar
Hello i'm having problem while using autocomplete plugin
Either PHP or Composer is not correctly set up and as a result PHP autocompletion will not work. Please visit the settings screen to correct this error. If you are not specifying an absolute path for PHP or Composer, make sure they are in your PATH. Feel free to look package's README for configuration examples