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Apr 2016
Adam Sitnik
Apr 27 2016 08:04
@AndreyAkinshin I think that we are.
Andrey Akinshin
Apr 27 2016 19:20
@adamsitnik, is it ok that we have 1 failed test in runDnxAndCoreTests.cmd?
     Assert.DoesNotContain() Failure
      Found:    There are no benchmarks found
      In value: Currently dotnet cli toolchain supports only X64 compilation, benchmark X86Benchmark__32Bit_SingleRun_X86_Warmup1_Target1_Process1 will not be executed

      Stack Trace:
        D:\Work\BenchmarkDotNet\BenchmarkDotNet.IntegrationTests\ProcessorArchitectureTest.cs(46,0): at BenchmarkDotNet.IntegrationTests.ProcessorArchitectureTest.Verify(Platform platform, Type benchmark, String failureText)
        D:\Work\BenchmarkDotNet\BenchmarkDotNet.IntegrationTests\ProcessorArchitectureTest.cs(32,0): at BenchmarkDotNet.IntegrationTests.ProcessorArchitectureTest. ()

   BenchmarkDotNet.IntegrationTests  Total: 21, Errors: 0, Failed: 1, Skipped: 0, Time: 213.724s
CORE tests has failed
    BenchmarkDotNet.IntegrationTests.ProcessorArchitectureTest.SpecifiedProccesorArchitectureMustBeRespected [FAIL]
Andrey Akinshin
Apr 27 2016 19:38
@adamsitnik, can you also tell me what's going on with dnxcore50? We don't have this target in BenchmarkDotNet (now we have dotnet5.4 instead of that) anymore but we still have dnxcore50 in BenchmarkDotNet.Tests. Am I right that we should use dotnet5.4 everywhere?
Andrey Akinshin
Apr 27 2016 19:59
And now I can't run Algo_Md5VsSha256 from VS:
// DirectoryPath = D:\Work\BenchmarkDotNet\artifacts\bin\BenchmarkDotNet.Samples\Debug\Algo_Md5VsSha256_Sha256_Jit-RyuJit_Runtime-Core

// *** Build ***
log  : Restoring packages for D:\Work\BenchmarkDotNet\artifacts\bin\BenchmarkDotNet.Samples\Debug\Algo_Md5VsSha256_Sha256_Jit-RyuJit_Runtime-Core\project.json...
info :   GET
info :   GET
info :   GET
info :   GET
info :   NotFound 891ms
info :   NotFound 1050ms
info :   NotFound 1067ms
info :   NotFound 500ms
error: Unable to resolve BenchmarkDotNet.Samples (>= 0.9.5) for DNXCore,Version=v5.0.
info : Committing restore...
log  : Restore failed in 1942ms.

Errors in D:\Work\BenchmarkDotNet\artifacts\bin\BenchmarkDotNet.Samples\Debug\Algo_Md5VsSha256_Sha256_Jit-RyuJit_Runtime-Core\project.json
    Unable to resolve BenchmarkDotNet.Samples (>= 0.9.5) for DNXCore,Version=v5.0.

NuGet Config files used:

Feeds used:

// Result = Failure
// Exception: dotnet restore has failed
Possibly it is because we still use dnxcore50 in BenchmarkDotNet.Samples. However, I can't change it to dotnet5.4 because there is no System.Security.Cryptography.Hashing.Algorithms for dotnet5.4.
Also I have some warnings because current version of BenchmarkDotNet in develop is 0.9.5, but we still have dependency "version": "0.9.4-*" in other projects. Is it possible to drop BenchmarkDotNet version in these projects?