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Jul 2016
Jonathan Guthrie
Jul 26 2016 17:17
curl docs are up there too
Tim Taplin
Jul 26 2016 22:14
I’m posting a pull request for the Perfect-HTTP quickstart instructions, mostly in order to get some feedback on whether there should be more detail here, or if it makes more sense to put that in the HTTPServer quickstart and in the Docs themselves? I could add a few more samples of accessing properties on the Request and Response objects...
Ok, I feel stupid asking this question, but how do I get my fork to update/pull from the master?
Ryan Collins
Jul 26 2016 22:19
@taplin add the origin repo as upstream

git remote add upstream (original repo)

Edit: Code Block

then git pull upstream master
Then keep your fork as origin, so you can still branch and work with it like normal
Just make sure when you do a PR you don’t merge your branch into your own - wait until the PR is merged, then delete your branch and pull upstream master
otherwise you get pointless conflicts
Tim Taplin
Jul 26 2016 22:22
ok, will give it a shot
Tim Taplin
Jul 26 2016 22:30
thanks Ryan. and just in advance, yes, Kyle, I plagiarized several lines from your HTTPRequest, Response and Routing Docs. In my defense, “consistency” is good. ;)
Tim Taplin
Jul 26 2016 22:50
@iamjono are you still around ?