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Repo info
    hi guys im frank im working on my app in android studio but im having some issue with a lot of thing can someone help me
    Preeti Sharma
    This message was deleted
    Raj Chowdhury
    @1Droka_twitter Udacity Android NanoDegree
    Muhammad Alif Rizqi
    Excuse me
    How to create a chart with MPAndroidChart?
    I'm still confused, I've seen this too: https://weeklycoding.com/mpandroidchart-documentation/
    LeeNa ;)
    I want that when radio button && "next" button is clicked then score increase by 1, I have 3 radio buttons
    can anyone pls help me
    Anybody have android development course with kotlin?
    Atanas Shalaverov
    Hey guys, I am writing an app using this charting library and I have a question
    I want to implement a RadarChart with say 10 different fields (axis) - clothes, taxes, bills, food, etc
    xAxis.setValueFormatter(new IndexAxisValueFormatter() {
            private final String[] mActivities = new String[]{"Clothes", "Taxes", "Car", "Bills",
                    "Food", "Other", "Grandma", "Salary", "Lotery"};
            public String getFormattedValue(float value) {
                return mActivities[(int) value % mActivities.length];
    this is the piece of code I am talking about
    How can I set the input value to correspond to the exact string
    Let this be the input data:
    Food: -5
    Taxes: -10
    Atanas Shalaverov
    Salary: 20
    When I plot the graph I get totally different values like so:
    Clothes: -5
    Bills: -10
    Lotery: 20
    How to fix this
    Olonilua Olalekan

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    Hey, can someone help me? I need to have linechart with horizontal/cubic bezier and I need to change the line color based on Y value , how can I do it please? Nothing works
    MD. Zahidul Islam Jewel
    @PhilJay Please help me how to do it. Just Month title on top-left
    As I move the graph, I want to get y value on the vertical line. But I am not sure how to implement with MPAndroidChart.
    Anyone help me.
    Hello All, I was part of failed start up a few years back. Factors outside the teams control was too much to over come. With the virus putting life on hold for many, I started to explore this project again. Looking to connect with a like minded entrepreneur to brainstorm the concept. Project centers around an API social media data aggregator that focuses on public media on a time and location spectrum. Past, future, and present. Big data search engine of public media in short. If anyone can point me in the right direction to networking with the correct people that would be much appreciated. Stay safe. Best regards, Jamieson
    Hello Guys,
    Can anyone know how to show line with a mix of styles, like when data points are not available this line breaks and start from the next point?
    for example, in seven days of data, one day is missing.
    splited line graph.PNG
    is it possible to change a specific bar width in Bar Chart?
    hie guys, i want to change label text color of pie chart (mpchart lib) in flutter
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    Maryam Mirzayee
    Hello, I'm facing a problem with making my own custom marker view in mpandroidchart. It seems no matter what the width is (100dp , 1000dp, or anything) the width of the marker is not changing. Has anyone else faced the same issue here?
    Jaydeep Motisariya
    Trying to AutoConnect ESP32 BLE in onCreate Method of Android App
    •Posted byu/jmotisariya
    22 hours ago
    Trying to AutoConnect ESP32 BLE in onCreate Method of Android App
    I am trying to connect ESP32 chip to android app through GATT_CONNECT in app. Here is the scenario that I am trying to get: At first, I manually connect the ESP32 to my android device. After that, when user starts the app it looks for the connection if it's connected than it stays connected. If not, than the user can connect the BLE device from app by button click or it can get connected through on Create(). After that, the connection should be disconnected on destroying the app from recent. please find my full question on below link.
    org.codehaus.groovy.control.MultipleCompilationErrorsException: startup failed:

    Do you know if it is possible to use different colors on a live LineDataSet depending of the values?

    For example, for every values above 50, display the point in red, and for every values below 50 in green.

    I managed to do it on a static LineDataSet using setColors but I am struggling with a live one. Is it possible?

    Thank you so much,

    hi... its possible to implement chart like Health ios app chart using mpchart??
    can i give a 3rd variable to a scatter point with it replacing the y label given?
    I am trying to fetch x axis data using onchart select listner but unable to do that kindly help
    Guys how to hack insta via brute force ? (Educational purposes)