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Oct 2016
Tim (robske_110)
Oct 05 2016 12:29
@SOF3 I just encountered this before ClassNotFoundExceptionNotFound: Warning: stream_select(): unable to select [9]: Bad file descriptor (max_fd=4) in phar:///Users/Tim/Desktop/Pocket_Server_0.13.x/PocketMine-MP.phar/src/pocketmine/command/CommandReader.php on line 84
(macosx btw)
Oct 05 2016 14:37
What is that line?
Does that line require a new class?
Oct 05 2016 14:41
@SOF3 outdated API? @MajorPlayz it's pretty easy to generate your own docs
Or instead of using docs, just go and read through the code and see how it works and how to use it
Oct 05 2016 14:43
docs are useful for finding out class inheritance if you don't have a good IDE like PhpStorm
Oct 05 2016 14:46
If $player variable is a instance of Player class and he wants to see the Player functions, then he opens GitHub and looks in the source code, in the Player class and search only public function, yeah that would be the whole job, nothing hard tbh
And if something extends another class, then he can look in the class, which is extending the one, he is using, for the other features.
Oct 05 2016 15:05
more importantly
documentation provides very shallow information
most important information needs reading code
for example, does Server::getOnlinePlayers() return the Player who is logging in in PlayerLoginEvent? There is nowhere that this should be documented, yet this should be known.