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Repo info
    PowerShell Connect
    ashishcw (discord) UPDATE : Upon stumbling across on google results, I assume, Polaris works with powershell 5.1 and above.
    ashishcw (discord) So, I updated my $PSVersion
    ashishcw (discord) however I am still unable to get this thing working.
    ashishcw (discord) what am I doing wrong here?
    ashishcw (discord) any clue? someone?
    PowerShell Connect

    Peter Wawa (slack) According to your picture, you can't download reqiured nuget provider. It says in warning message:

    unable to download from url ...

    Peter Wawa (slack) if you want to load the module from local path, use Import-Module with path to .psd1 file
    🌸Joel🌸 (discord) @ashishcw looks like a TLS issue
    🌸Joel🌸 (discord) try running this and then run the install again:
    [Net.ServicePointManager]::SecurityProtocol = [Net.ServicePointManager]::SecurityProtocol -bor [Net.SecurityProtocolType]::Tls12
    tiberriver256 (slack) Install-Module will download it from PowerShell Gallery, which we haven't been able to get a new version out to in quite awhile. If you want to use the latest from the code repo use the import-module ./Polaris.psd1 method.
    PowerShell Connect
    ashishcw (discord) Thank you all for your quick response, and apologies from my end for being delayed at it.
    ashishcw (discord) I finally, managed to get it working with powershell, as per my understanding, there are 2 basic requirements, PSVersion >= 5.1 and Execution policy set to bypass.
    ashishcw (discord) Earlier, when the Execution policy was set to default, it gave me that error
    ashishcw (discord) also, while I am this topic, I found another powershell web frame work PoshWebFramework
    ashishcw (discord) It's far easy to understand and to configure the webpages on the go.
    ashishcw (discord) So I am exploring both of these options, to see, which serves my purpose the better.
    ashishcw (discord) by anyway, would any of you have any examples for polaris? I am having hard time to find any examples/usage case for it.
    ashishcw (discord) @🌸Joel🌸 Thanks for your input, I found the issue was with my execution policy, cause, once I set it bypass, it worked fine. 😐
    PowerShell Connect
    BrettMiller (discord) there is also pode which I know some people have looked at and quite like
    BrettMiller (discord) https://github.com/Badgerati/Pode
    Richie Jing
    Is there anyone try to do the negotiation Auth with form submit? the default pop up looks terrible
    Hi Polaris-ites. Back again..for another question. I've been running the same script on our windows 2016 essentials server for a simple status page, but now - just after a windows update, I can't see the polaris hosted pages from other computers. The script is still running and serving data to local requests, but I cant see it from other pc's anymore (still running as admin and firewall rule for my port (8082) is still listed) Anyone else see this issue after a windows server update?
    Just getting HTTP Error 400. The request hostname is invalid.
    [fails the same if I use ip addres or server:8082 as base url
    PowerShell Connect
    freddie_sackur (discord) To anyone else hitting this channel, I've just assessed these options:
    freddie_sackur (discord) HttpListener is on every box and ultra-basic.
    freddie_sackur (discord) Pode has 650 issues on github, all closed, only 18 left open. It has 1351 commits, most recently 6 days ago. Someone has put a lot of effort into the docs. It has a lot of features yet seems simple to use.
    PowerShell Connect
    freddie_sackur (discord) (I was sad to see ashishcw pick a framework without thinking about what is maintained)
    PowerShell Connect
    Jaykul (discord) If you had put all of that in one post, I would have pinned it 😉
    PowerShell Connect
    benjamin.elser18 (slack) Is anyone still using Polaris?
    PowerShell Connect

    DougFinke (discord) @freddie_sackur ```
    $list = $(

    $list | Get-GHMetrics
    ``` (edited)

    DougFinke (discord) ```
    Date Owner Name IsPrivate Issues PullRequests Releases Stargazers Watchers ForkCount

    4/17/2021 7:51:37 AM PowerShell Polaris False 111 105 1 467 65 91
    4/17/2021 7:51:38 AM posh-web PSWeb False 1 0 0 3 3 1
    4/17/2021 7:51:38 AM Badgerati Pode False 348 383 63 343 30 36
    4/17/2021 7:51:38 AM yusufozturk PoSHServer False 4 4 5 110 28 38

    DougFinke (discord) Get-GHMetrics is in my PSAdvantage module, it uses the GitHub REST API and GraphQL to get the stats.
    I'm going to see if GraphQL has the other info on commits, dates etc. Install-Module -Name PSAdvantage (edited)
    PowerShell Connect
    tiberriver256 (slack) 311 downloads from the PowerShell gallery in the last 6 weeks so somebody out there is still using it. I might be tempted to start contributing again if we could get someone on the Microsoft side that can get changes out to the PowerShell gallery. There have been 12 commits to the master branch on GH since the last PowerShell gallery push on 12/6/2018. Some of them with bug fixes.
    tiberriver256 (slack) Tyler was pointing people to Pode as what he considered a better alternative before he left the PowerShell team though
    PowerShell Connect
    belser (slack) You guys are awesome. Thank you.
    belser (slack) This is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship.