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    Justin Garfield
    Good morning all! Was curious if anyone has attempted to back-port the xSharePoint Resource to work with SP2010 as well? This is something I'm interested in making work since we still support a bunch of SP2010 solutions.
    I started on the Pre-Req installer last week and got about half-way through, but figured I would ask so I don't go down a rabbit hole someone else may have already discovered :P
    Ryan Yates
    Sp2010 wouldn't work as it has a hard requirement for .NET 2.0
    Hence being unable to manage with PowerShell v3 + as that requires .NET 4 +
    Justin Garfield
    Ah, that would make sense, lol. (Still new to SP2010, only have worked in 2013 so far myself)
    Ryan Yates
    So for SP2010 DSC is not really a possiblity without a lot of hacking (same with Exchange 2010 too btw)
    Justin Garfield
    Thanks for the heads-up before I dug any deeper into that
    Still a very interesting set of Resources either way...really like the work that has gone into this :)
    Brian Farnhill
    Yea there are definitely no plans to support SharePoint 2010 - technically speaking it "could" be done, but given it's already in extended support it was never on the roadmap for xSharePoint so we won't be going out of our way to bring it in at this point.
    Ryan Yates
    Just to reiterate on what @BrianFarnhill said it would be
    A hell of a job to try and support 2010
    Where as 2013 is supported out of the box (due to issues I raised before)
    Andrei Tarutin
    Hi there
    Guys, how to update SharePoint DSC to the latest version?
    @tarurar you probably found this via Google long ago, but you can use Update-Module xSharePointDSC I believe