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    @Quetzacoalt91 Said me yes :)
    Krystian Podemski
    i remember fighting with addons team years ago about base64 :D
    i had theme with serialized array treated with base64 just to not use json, because 5.2 was a thing back in the days and sometimes json was faulty
    theme was removed from the market because of that, #1 in category :D
    Hello everyone :) I am having an issue with my Module in Prestashop Addons. The users cannot put reviews on it... Can someone please help me with this issue? Thanks a lot
    Rémy Lefebvre
    Hi guys, I tried to upload file with hookDisplayAdminProductsExtra and hookActionProductUpdate, it doesn't work. I tried to search information about that but i just found 1 github thread that said it was not possible anymore due to new symfony legacy controller. But I did not find anything more,
    Do you have a hint to suggest me?
    hi @SebSept you can check your date with the hook hookActionProductUpdate or hookActionProductSave (but file uploading bug)
    your data*
    Rémy Lefebvre
    @cupsadarius Hi, I do not know a hook to do that, but I think you should easily be able to add one custom in the class or the customerThread controlle
    Sébastien Monterisi
    Hello @Thorfy , sorry I missed your answer. I finaly choose to implement hookActionAdminProductsControllerSaveBefore() .
    I think it's better than hookActionProductUpdate because, the form is displayed in the admin, but not present every time a product is saved (api, module, etc).
    Thanks for the effort to provide an answer ;)
    Another question : is it possible for a module to override files in /pdf folder ? (not asking to override in the theme but with a module).
    Sébastien Monterisi
    (answer is No).
    Sébastien Monterisi
    Is there a cleaner way to write this (in hookDisplayHeader()) :
    $this->context->controller->registerStylesheet($this->name, "modules/{$this->name}/views/css/vueseclatees.css", ['media' =>'all']);
    (the hardcoded "modules" could lead to problem)
    If you look in native module, you can see
    $this->context->controller->registerStylesheet('modules-homeslider', 'modules/'.$this->name.'/css/homeslider.css', ['media' => 'all', 'priority' => 150]);
    The first argument is important because it's an id so it must be unique.
    So I suggest to you to use $this->context->controller->registerStylesheet("modules-{$this->name}-vueseclatees", "modules/{$this->name}/views/css/vueseclatees.css", ['media' =>'all']); if you want to include more than one css file
    No problem with use of the hardcoded modulesI think due to StylesheetManager classe
    Sébastien Monterisi
    ok, thanks for advice on id param.

    Hi ,

    How to create the admin custom grid in prestashop 1.6?

    Kevin Padilla

    HI @All,

    Is there a way I could override the template for Category Page in Front Office?



    I need to make PS module which call its functions after getting POST call from other aplication
    What is the easiest approach for that case?

    I've read https://devdocs.prestashop.com/1.7/development/webservice/tutorials/prestashop-webservice-lib/ but it didnt cover my case


    Hi All,

    I need migrate the blog form wordpress to Prestashop.

    Could you please tell, how it do?

    hello, what the pdf='true' tag does in smarty template mean?
    Aloui Mohamed Habib
    For anybody new to Prestashop 1.7 here is a full video courses about the subject:
    Prestashop 1.7 module :
    Prestashop 1.7 theme:
    Pablo Borowicz
    @romanseki that parameter makes the translation system use Translate::getPdfTranslation instead of Translate::getModuleTranslation
    @eternoendless Thank you ;)
    hello, any link to good tutorial how to preperly call ajax front controller in custom module?
    Andrea Maran
    Hi all, i have a problem with Prestahsop, after upgrade the modules page in admin is wrong
    installed and disabled modules is empty, and if i click refresh icon display counters
    if i search module on search i have no results
    and if i try to filter as "installed modules" result is empty
    if i try to install a new module, after installation the module appear as "installable" and if a try to reinstall i receive error "the modules is already installed"
    any idea?
    Robertino Vasilescu
    Maybe if you enable debug true in config/defines.inc.php you would hopefully see some error messages to give you a debugging starting point.
    Andrea Maran
    @Rho-bur debug was true but i dont see any errors :|
    Robertino Vasilescu
    try recursively reset the ownership and permissions for the entire PS root directory; I assume that in Advanced Preferences->Information all shows OK...
    Try to delete xml files in config/xml/ and clear all cache
    FOCQUEU Thomas
    I'm creating a module wich change the group of the customer when he buy a specific product.
    If he is premium, I apply a discount on all of the products of the shop.
    The things is that I don't want to apply discount on my specific product.
    For now, I override the function priceCalculation of the Product class.
    How can I do that without using override ?
    Is there a hook that I can use ?
    Hello, I make module where will be csv import, is there any way to use similar import table like in producs import ? Thanks
    Fabrizio Spanu
    Hi Guys, don' t mean to bother, anyone know how to troubleshoot a 404 error on all site pages?
    i installed a seo url friendly after migrating the shop but it's giving issue and the developer is lost in space :|
    i've enabled debugging but on frontpage can't see
    Mohamed ATATOUSSE
    Hi guys, Do you know how to change the category section of a module in Prestashop Marketplace ?
    Shivam Pandey
    For any custom work in Prestashop store, you can ping me
    hi, i need to be able to process payments via wire transfer and p2p payments, i need to set a form that the client fills with the info i need and then go trough a 2 steps manual verification process before the payment is approved..... any ideas how i can achieve this or if there's a plugin or module a can adapt to do this??
    Hello, is possible in form helper place 2 text inputs next to each other? (instead under each other)