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May 2016
in 1.9 it'the bb is empty, in 1.8 it's block
it should be empty everywhere
how can this even be different between versions?
Romain Beaumont
May 08 2016 15:35
the true value is empty I think
well yeah
ah yeah
they created the page for it recently in the mcwiki
so it used to default or something
May 08 2016 15:37
ah hmm
should we leave it out then when it's unset?
also the tests should detect such changes
or audits
Romain Beaumont
May 08 2016 15:38
no, the fact that the info is missing in the mcwiki doesn't mean the info doesn't exist
it should be info that is added during the extraction
a overwrite_blocks.json or something
yeah I agree a script to diff the files nicely would be nice
well I guess just git diff would be good enough here
Gjum: do you know if github can diff files in a project ?
I mean file A vs file B of the same commit
May 08 2016 15:41
no it can't
but meld does a good job