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This message was deleted

<Abulkhaiyr> ```const mc = require("minecraft-protocol");
const World = require("prismarine-world")("1.16");
const Chunk = require("prismarine-chunk")("1.16");
const Anvil = require("prismarine-provider-anvil").Anvil("1.16");
const Vec3 = require("vec3");

const server = mc.createServer({
"online-mode": true,
encryption: true,
host: "localhost",
port: 25565,
version: "1.16",
const mcData = require("minecraft-data")(server.version);
const loginPacket = mcData.loginPacket;

function generateSimpleChunk(chunkX, chunkZ) {
const chunk = new Chunk();

for (let x = 0; x < 16; x++) {
for (let z = 0; z < 16; z++) {
chunk.setBlockType(new Vec3(x, 50, z), 2);
for (let y = 0; y < 256; y++) {
chunk.setSkyLight(new Vec3(x, y, z), 15);

return chunk;

const world = new World(generateSimpleChunk, new Anvil("./world"));


server.on("login", function (client) {
client.write("login", {
entityId: client.id,
isHardcore: false,
gameMode: 0,
previousGameMode: 1,
worldNames: loginPacket.worldNames,
dimensionCodec: loginPacket.dimensionCodec,
dimension: loginPacket.dimension,
worldName: "minecraft:overworld",
hashedSeed: [0, 0],
maxPlayers: server.maxPlayers,
viewDistance: 10,
reducedDebugInfo: false,
enableRespawnScreen: true,
isDebug: false,
isFlat: false,
// client.write("map_chunk", {
// x: 0,
// z: 0,
// groundUp: true,
// biomes: chunk.dumpBiomes !== undefined ? chunk.dumpBiomes() : undefined,
// heightmaps: {
// type: "compound",
// name: "",
// value: {}, // Client will accept fake heightmap
// },
// bitMap: chunk.getMask(),
// chunkData: chunk.dump(),
// blockEntities: [],
// });
client.write("position", {
x: 15,
y: 101,
z: 15,
yaw: 137,
pitch: 0,
flags: 0x00,

<Abulkhaiyr> world.ch; is not supposed to be in there
<tps> From what I can see, chunk needs to be defined in world.ch
<rickyd> tried client.queue('player_action', let action = {action: 5, runtime_entity_id: client.uuid, position:0, face: 0})
then error:
        throw e

TypeError: SizeOf error for undefined : Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'valueOf')
    at Object.sizeOfVarLong [as varint64] (/mc/node_modules/bedrock-protocol/src/datatypes/varlong.js:2:20)
    at Object.packet_player_action (eval at compile (/mc/node_modules/protodef/src/compiler.js:258:12), <anonymous>:2466:29)
    at eval (eval at compile (/mc/node_modules/protodef/src/compiler.js:258:12), <anonymous>:1686:66)
    at mcpe_packet (eval at compile (/mc/node_modules/protodef/src/compiler.js:258:12), <anonymous>:1822:9)
    at CompiledProtodef.sizeOf (/mc/node_modules/protodef/src/compiler.js:89:14)
    at e.message (/mc/node_modules/protodef/src/compiler.js:96:40)
    at tryCatch (/mc/node_modules/protodef/src/utils.js:50:16)
    at CompiledProtodef.createPacketBuffer (/mc/node_modules/protodef/src/compiler.js:96:20)
    at Serializer.createPacketBuffer (/mc/node_modules/protodef/src/serializer.js:12:23)
    at Client.queue (/mc/node_modules/bedrock-protocol/src/connection.js:77:36)
<rickyd> could someone tell me how to perform a "sleep" action correctly? Thanks 🙂
<Mac> Is the bedrock protocol a way where you can return packets when you connect to a server?
<U9G> On 1.12.2 I'm getting these, should I be worried? js PartialReadError: Read error for undefined : Missing characters in string, found size is 40799 expected size was 420740095 at new ExtendableError (C:\Users\Jason\Documents\js-projects\cosmic-lore-bot\node_modules\protodef\src\utils.js:63:13) at new PartialReadError (C:\Users\Jason\Documents\js-projects\cosmic-lore-bot\node_modules\protodef\src\utils.js:70:5) at Object.string (eval at compile (C:\Users\Jason\Documents\js-projects\cosmic-lore-bot\node_modules\protodef\src\compiler.js:258:12), <anonymous>:47:15) at eval (eval at compile (C:\Users\Jason\Documents\js-projects\cosmic-lore-bot\node_modules\protodef\src\compiler.js:258:12), <anonymous>:1837:69) at eval (eval at compile (C:\Users\Jason\Documents\js-projects\cosmic-lore-bot\node_modules\protodef\src\compiler.js:258:12), <anonymous>:1923:11) at Object.packet_declare_recipes (eval at compile (C:\Users\Jason\Documents\js-projects\cosmic-lore-bot\node_modules\protodef\src\compiler.js:258:12), <anonymous>:1928:9) at eval (eval at compile (C:\Users\Jason\Documents\js-projects\cosmic-lore-bot\node_modules\protodef\src\compiler.js:258:12), <anonymous>:2041:70) at packet (eval at compile (C:\Users\Jason\Documents\js-projects\cosmic-lore-bot\node_modules\protodef\src\compiler.js:258:12), <anonymous>:2046:9) at CompiledProtodef.read (C:\Users\Jason\Documents\js-projects\cosmic-lore-bot\node_modules\protodef\src\compiler.js:70:12) at e.message (C:\Users\Jason\Documents\js-projects\cosmic-lore-bot\node_modules\protodef\src\compiler.js:111:49)
<nickelpro> I don't think that's supposed to happen, no
<carinya> is anyone working on 1.18?
<rom1504> Yes u9g is finishing a PR on the topic

<TheGameSpider> Hello, I am trying to send custom_payload packet using

client.write("custom_payload", packet), and I am getting this error

Caught exception:  RangeError [ERR_INVALID_ARG_VALUE]: The argument 'size' is invalid. Received NaN
    at Function.allocUnsafe (node:buffer:371:3)
    at CompiledProtodef.createPacketBuffer (/home/ubuntu/mc/node_modules/protodef/src/compiler.js:101:27)
    at Serializer.createPacketBuffer (/home/ubuntu/mc/node_modules/protodef/src/serializer.js:12:23)
    at Serializer._transform (/home/ubuntu/mc/node_modules/protodef/src/serializer.js:18:18)
    at Serializer.Transform._read (/home/ubuntu/mc/node_modules/readable-stream/lib/_stream_transform.js:177:10)
    at Serializer.Transform._write (/home/ubuntu/mc/node_modules/readable-stream/lib/_stream_transform.js:164:83)
    at doWrite (/home/ubuntu/mc/node_modules/readable-stream/lib/_stream_writable.js:409:139)
    at writeOrBuffer (/home/ubuntu/mc/node_modules/readable-stream/lib/_stream_writable.js:398:5)
    at Serializer.Writable.write (/home/ubuntu/mc/node_modules/readable-stream/lib/_stream_writable.js:307:11)
    at Client.write (/home/ubuntu/mc/node_modules/minecraft-protocol/src/client.js:221:21) {
  field: 'play.toServer'
<TheGameSpider> Is there something I am doing wrong or is this a problem with the module
<U9G> what does packet look like?
<TheGameSpider> { channel: "minecraft:register", data: { type: "Buffer", data: [ 102, 97, 98, 114, ... (82 bytes total) ] } }
<U9G> it's not supposed to be an array for the data: []
<U9G> it should be data: Buffer.from([])
<paradise> Error: No data available for version undefined does this mean it failed to detect the version?

<paradise> ```js
const mc = require('minecraft-protocol');

const handleServer = (server) => {
try {
var client = mc.createClient({
host: "localhost", // optional
port: 25565, // optional
username: "Symphony",
version: false

client.on('login', function(packet) {
  client.write('chat', {message: "xyz"});

} catch (e) { console.error(e); }

<paradise> oh I guess it does
<paradise> guess ill use another library to check it ty
<paradise> is there any way to convert between protocol number to version?
<rom1504> fixed now, just run npm update --depth 9999
<paradise> ty
<! TheRed> hi
<! TheRed> so
<! TheRed> basically
<! TheRed> (it's kinda late for me rn, actually 1 AM)
<! TheRed> I wanted to ask you
<! TheRed> Would it be possible to prevent chunkbans from getting through using a proxy I'm working on in minecraft-protocol
<nickelpro> What's a chunk ban?
<usb> A chunk ban is when players stuff lots of data into a chunk and force players offline when loading it
<nickelpro> I don't know what the mechanism of that would be
<U9G> can you give the full stack trace?
<U9G> this is just a exception thrown
<nickelpro> There's no such thing as "too much data" in a chunk. The only thing you could do is build something that grinds the TPS of a server down to zero
<U9G> yeah there is
<U9G> if you fill a book with too much data
<U9G> then drop it on a player
<U9G> the player picking it up crashes
<nickelpro> Oh ya, you can definitely build a malformed entity/itm
<nickelpro> But that's not the chunk
<nickelpro> Oh ya, you can definitely build a malformed entity/item
<U9G> just googled it
<U9G> > Chunk banning is the method of building structures that have too much data for computers to load, so it kicks people in nearby chunks off the server. It is mainly used in anarchy servers, prisons and safe houses to keep people out of certain places.
<U9G> I'm still really not sure how to do it