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    <Tom> and you can't use it for furnace fuel
    <Tom> but if you just craft sticks out of the crimson/warped planks you can furnace it
    <nea> how is this real
    <extremeheat> Yeah, but living in the nether is still super hard. Torches don’t stop mob spawning and the ghasts suck. I’m not sure they’ll fix those things, but it would be super cool to introduce alternative “living places” if you will
    <Tom> a less hostile village parallel for the nether could be interesting
    not completely safe but not outright hostile like bastions
    <extremeheat> Yeah. This is the kind of stuff they should be working on. Not spending 100 hours on chat bloat with no benefit to the user
    <extremeheat> That’s a big part of why 1.19 I think is so empty. A lot of code written, but 70% of it is thousands of lines of chat junk
    <Tom> the way they did it before was fine imo
    servers would take care of chat moderation themselves
    <Tom> on bedrock if you say too much bad stuff you can't use chat at all for a while... one of my friend's friends' xbox account was banned from chat or something and chat just didn't show up
    <Tom> just don't go the same way with java
    <Tom> they couldn't talk or anything in chat, couldn't use things that used chat filters
    <extremeheat> Mojang had a bunch of restrictions in their capacity to control the chat since it’s all handled by 3P servers. So they basically needed to spend a bunch of engineering time working around the problem with tech inventions that would let them authenticate the chat, even through they don’t run the servers
    <Tom> they couldn't rename their pet on hive because the hive passes new pet names through Microsoft chat filters
    <extremeheat> It’s not easy to do hence they spent so much time patching and reworking their system. It’s just not easy stuff. All that time is negative ROI IMO
    <Tom> why do they want to control chat though, can't they just leave Minecraft alone? 😂
    <Tom> it's not gonna generate any more money for them as I see it
    <Dr.D> I think it's related to US government wanting eyes on all communication.
    <Dr.D> Lots of liability stuffs been happening lately. All my kids accounts were going to be shut down unless I tied them to mine or forged the age.
    <extremeheat> Yes, if they’re underage it seems appropriate action to me
    <Dr.D> I don't disagree. They just all recently happened which leads me to believe they were forced to.
    <extremeheat> Well, GDPR has been a big factor in a lot of privacy decisions these days
    <extremeheat> There is definitely more regulatory scrutiny which is not really a bad thing for people
    <extremeheat> I do take objection to censoring though
    <Dr.D> Very true. I can only imagine the collection of data there is on me, it's probably scary.
    <extremeheat> Though it is interesting to see Microsoft specifically bending backwards to try and get on the good side of regulators. Lots of virtue signaling to push away investigations and get moral points. (And separate themselves from the kind of stuff Facebook is known for). That helps when they do things like try and buy Activision when there’s a lot of pressure to block it on monopoly concerns. Seems to be working pretty well …
    <Tom> just saw the post on Minecraft's instagram
    <Tom> it looks like basically
    <Tom> there's a third slot on the left of the smithing table, where you put an item depending on what you want to do
    <Tom> like a token or something
    <Tom> one if you want to upgrade to netherite, and another if you want to decorate trimming or something
    <mat> yes it does
    <mat> parents get mad that Minecraft isn't moderated and don't buy Minecraft merch
    <mat> that's the purpose of striders
    <Tom> but they're not boats
    <Tom> lol
    <Tom> how do I put another entity onto a strider
    <mat> you don't
    <Tom> -so lavaproof boats or something like that would've been cool too
    <bonana> For map/mod creators YES!
    <WhoTho> every server uses armor stands
    <WhoTho> holograms is the main use
    <WhoTho> custom particle or animations things normally use them
    <bonana> Some ppl use falling blocks
    <bonana> For it
    <bonana> Invisible falling blocks
    <WhoTho> yeah those r popular too
    <Dr.D> model engine and all its dependent plugins rely on armor stands to add new entities
    <Tom> yea they're a big deal in java edition
    <Tom> extremely customisable vanilla entity
    <Dr.D> Mojang needs to have java entity addition native and not reliant on a paid plugin.