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    Noel Naughton
    We are just starting this Gitter channel so it is a little sparse currently but please don't let that keep you from posting any questions or comments here! If you are looking for some help or have questions on how to start with PyElastica, this might be a better place to ask than opening up an Issue.
    Gaurav S
    Hello everyone,
    I am Gaurav Sukhramani (wiz) an undergrad from India. I am pursuing B.tech in CS. I'm well aware of Python and its libraries like numpy, pandas, scikit-learn and scrapy. I have just started with AI/ML. I am also familiar with full stack development (react & django), but my core strength is python.
    I want to contribute to this project, but because I'm still new to open source, I'm unclear where to begin, I'm hoping for guidance and mentoring.
    Arman Tekinalp

    Hello Gaurav,
    Thank you for your interest. First please check our contribution guideline https://github.com/GazzolaLab/PyElastica/blob/master/CONTRIBUTING.md

    There are two possible topics you can help us,
    1) Creating a docker container PyElastica, here is the link for the GitHub issue GazzolaLab/PyElastica#32
    2) Improving visualization of PyElastica, https://github.com/GazzolaLab/PyElastica/discussions/61

    Please check both issues and let us know which one you want to work.

    Gaurav S
    Hello Arman,
    I will definitely take a look at this GazzolaLab/PyElastica#32
    Abhinav Gupta
    Hello everyone,
    I am Abhinav Gupta. I am a recent B. Tech. graduate in Chemical Sciences and currently working in a Data Sciences role. I have proficiency working in Python, doing Data visualizations and being from chemical background, I have some knowledge of slender structures like muscle cells. But since I am new to open-source, would appreciate your guidance from a beginner's perspective.
    Hello everyone, I am Anusha Khalil. I am doing Bachelors in SE from NEDUET (last year student) Pakistan. Since I am new to open source, I would appreciate if any of mentors guide me towards a project. My expertise are in Python and I know few of the libraries I have also worked in django. I am showing interest in Project2 integration with 3D rendering software, and project 5 debugger/logger of simulation instabilities. @nmnaughton @armantekinalp
    Hey PyElastica Team, I just created issue #68 but I was not able to add a Label with GSoC
    I hope no one has expressed interest on the project yet :)
    Noel Naughton

    Hi everyone! Thanks for your interest in PyElastica! I will make a general note that we are particularly interested in Projects 1 and 2 (Project 1 in particular!). If you are interested in project 1, check out the Fury project, they are actually in GSoC with the Python org. I think a project that integrated their software into PyElastica would be really well received by the team.

    In the mean time, let us know if you have any questions about PyElastica, its capabilities, or the structure of the code.

    Hi Everyone, I'm Muhammad Sajjad pursuing my career in Software Engineering and also i'm in my 8th semester(last year) and working on python-database from my first semester and My expertise on frameworks like python and I worked on Django and many frameworks of Python. So please any of one you guide me which project to choose. I am showing my interest in Project4 (Saving and restart framework for simulations) and project 5 debugger/logger of simulation instabilities. @nmnaughton @armantekinalp
    Antriksh Misri
    Hi everyone, I am Antriksh Misri a computer science student currently in my final year. I have been part of the FURY package team under the Google Summer of Code 2021 event and I have worked on their User Interface as well as Visualization projects. I am interested in the first idea but I have a few questions regarding the specifications. It is mentioned that a visualization method needs to be implemented that can help with different aspects of the visualization. Should this method be something programmatic, like a bunch of classes/methods that will run in the background to generate the results or should it provide a User Interface, which would have different features eg. a timeline, window interactions, media controls, etc. Also, resources regarding the Pyelastica tool would be really appriciated.
    2 replies
    Omar Tarek
    Hello everyone, glad to be here!
    My name is Omar Tarek, I am a senior computer engineering student in Ain Shams University of Egypt.
    I have been using python for four years now and completed multiple projects in web and Machine learning projects with it. This is my first time in open source and I am really excited about it, and I am planning to work on project 4.