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Dec 2015
Dec 17 2015 08:52

Finally managed to get pySide2 compiled and running with Qt5.5.1 and Visual Studio 2015. It required some adjustments though so I think it might be a good thing to share this:
In Qt the files qclipboard.h, qsesssionmanager.h and qhelpindexwidget.h needed to have their Destructor made public. These were private which caused the build to fail since shiboken canĀ“t build a wrapper in that case. I am not sure if pySide2 works when using these classes now but at least it compiles.

For shiboken2 the \sources\shiboken2\ext\sparsehash\google\sparsehash\sparseconfig.h needed to be adjusted as well since hash_map is no longer available in VS 2015 and should be replaced with unordered_map. So I adjusted it to:

/* the location of the header defining hash functions */
#define HASH_FUN_H <unordered_map>
/* the namespace of the hash<> function */
#define HASH_NAMESPACE std
/* The system-provided hash function including the namespace. */

Hope this is of help for others

Dec 17 2015 16:12
Not sure where to report issues, so I just do it here
the shiboken2.pyd does not contain the initshiboken2 function. It only contains the initshiboken function so you are not able to use it
renaming shiboken2.pyd to shiboken seems to fix the issue but I am not sure of the side effects this has
Ethan Smith
Dec 17 2015 17:32
@mnikelsky that is great! Qt isn't officially supporting vs 2015 yet, but I'm glad you started working on it! For your shiboken issue, could it be that the name in the sources is wrong, causing shiboken to fail?
Christian Tismer
Dec 17 2015 17:41
Yes, pls. rename the init func, test it and submit a PR :-)