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Jan 2016
Ethan Smith
Jan 01 2016 00:46
It is worth pointing out that even groups like mingw have shiboken repos
so if we want to change the toolset, we would require all of these groups to add 2 new packages most likely. Just something to think about.
Ethan Smith
Jan 01 2016 02:48
@empyrical , you should consider using to automate some of your cython test wrapping
Jan 01 2016 03:33
had a look at that, not sure if it's wise to use something that uses the clang api directly; castxml + pygccxml is pretty sweet
(castxml is a tool that's meant to be a drop in replacement for gccxml, but uses clang for parsing)
Ethan Smith
Jan 01 2016 03:36
oh, that may be better :)