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Feb 2016
Ethan Smith
Feb 02 2016 02:39
Hm. Not entirely sure what the issue is with linking.
Christian Tismer
Feb 02 2016 13:47
@techtonik at least I can see that you are using an old checkout of shiboken. Line 17 shows 68f06c122b90308a59b0a980db85613ea00f25f8 which is from December 28. Don’t forget to manually update the submodules to the last version, and then build with —ignore-git (see instructions).
ctismer @ctismer thinks that we should do some tagging, soon
anatoly techtonik
Feb 02 2016 16:30
I set to build main repository instead of my clone (until PySide/pyside2-setup#24 is landed), but linking error is not gone.