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Dec 2016
Fredrik Averpil
Dec 05 2016 06:36
@ubuntourist the differences I've been fighting between OS X and Windows are that Qt tries to create a native-OS behavior. Not sure if that's what you're seeing? So, it's sometimes difficult to get certain elements to look identical on many platforms as the native look and feel differs.
From IRC (bridge bot)
Dec 05 2016 12:44
<alcroito> fkleint: I'm confused about The author submitted the patch in 2014, is he working on it again?
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Dec 05 2016 12:59
<fkleint> lqi: ^^^ ?
<lqi> don't know, just found the change, and noboy gave comments
<lqi> at least restored last year...
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Dec 05 2016 13:30
<alcroito> the change looks scarty
<alcroito> scary*
<fkleint> yep , I don't think many people understand it ;⁠-)