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Dec 2016
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Dec 08 2016 08:14
<lqi> "python install --ignore-git --build-tests" always rebuild all like "make clean; make"?
Ethan Smith
Dec 08 2016 08:15
lqi: with that command, yes, it will always rebuild
From IRC (bridge bot)
Dec 08 2016 08:17
<lqi> FromGitter: ethanhs: thanks, perhaps --skip-cmake will help me here
Ethan Smith
Dec 08 2016 08:18
lqi: or perhaps --reuse-build?
From IRC (bridge bot)
Dec 08 2016 08:19
<lqi> yeah, blind on that...
From IRC (bridge bot)
Dec 08 2016 10:08
<alcroito> fkleint: Really, you find recursion clearer? : ) What if I add comments to the iteration?
From IRC (bridge bot)
Dec 08 2016 10:16
<fkleint> alcroito: Hm ,ok maybe that helps ;⁠-)
<fkleint> alcroito: I just think this pattern of unwinding a recursion via stack is not commonly known, it makes it a bit harder to undertand
<alcroito> fkleint: i respectfully disagree, it's like first year computer science course.
<fkleint> missed that studying automation engineering ;⁠-)
<fkleint> hm,ok
<alcroito> I'll just add the comment
From IRC (bridge bot)
Dec 08 2016 11:46
<lqi> alcroito: any update for ? ^_^
<alcroito> lqi: Ah, well it doesn't happen for 5.6.1 anymore :⁠D
<alcroito> lqi: I think i have it somewhere through my git stash, but it's not high priority imo
<lqi> alcroito: fkleint: if found some easy tasks, pls let me know
<lqi> a newbie in pyside2 world
<alcroito> lqi: we are too, but don't tell anyone
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Dec 08 2016 12:19
<lqi> alcroito: fkleint: any suggestion for if I want to start there?
<alcroito> lqi: for all the warnings? : )
<alcroito> lqi: I'm pretty sure you can suppress the warning "qt.shiboken: enum 'QmlCurrentSingletonTypeRegistrationVersion' does not have a type entry or is not an enum" because that enum is not inside a class, and the parser doesn't support that
<lqi> just don't understand it popup when only build qtcore
<lqi> alcroito: also sth related with QListSpecialMethods<QString>
<alcroito> lqi: for the special methods thing i would advise to grep for that warning in the code, put breakpoint there, then execute the shiboken command specifically for qtcore unde the debugger
<alcroito> you can find out the full shiboken command by doing make VERBOSE=1 in the QtCore build folder , e.g. py2pyside2d_build/py2.7-qt5.6.2-64bit-debug/pyside2/PySide2/QtCore
<alcroito> You can see though the warning "qt.shiboken: template baseclass 'QListSpecialMethods<T>' of 'QList' is not known"
From IRC (bridge bot)
Dec 08 2016 12:25
<alcroito> which means that the base class is not defined in any typesystem.xml file, so it might be that the upper warnings are due to that
<alcroito> You usually declare classes for shiboken to know of them with <object-type> <value-type> or <container-type> in an xml file
<fkleint> per platform....
<alcroito> what's per platform?
<fkleint> the XML files...
<fkleint> there are per-platform includes
<alcroito> right
<alcroito> but the qlist ones are probably in the common one
<fkleint> that is, you have to be careful when trying to fex the QSYsINfo::WinType ones
<fkleint> to fix fex ;⁠-)
<alcroito> lqo: Also the template parser is very hacky in shiboken, and completely not full-featured, so the template container-types (aka qlist) are handled differently than usual classes
<alcroito> lqi ^
<lqi> alcroito: thanks a lot, will try more
<alcroito> lqi: np, ask if smth crazy is happening
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Dec 08 2016 12:30
<lqi> fkleint: this is not talk in gerrit
<fkleint> ?
From IRC (bridge bot)
Dec 08 2016 12:42
<fkleint> sifalt: ping, preparing for this week's pyside meeting, are you still alive?