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Apr 2017
From IRC (bridge bot)
Apr 18 2017 14:00
<lqi> fkleint: alcroito: if I called without --build-tests , how to do it in a separate step?
<lqi> looks like --build-tests will fail with clang parser in 5.9 branch on my mac
<fkleint> huh?
<fkleint> lqi: idea, please check with alcroito when he is back
<fkleint> lqi: apparently some clang version mismatch
<fkleint> lqi: it was reported as working on Mac
<lqi> fkleint: ok
<lqi> fkleint: looks like works fine with 5.9 branch
<lqi> fkleint: so was gone in 5.9 branch too
<marco_piccolino> fkleint: will PySide be included with the shipped Qt binaries? if so, starting from which version? and what target platforms will be supported?
From IRC (bridge bot)
Apr 18 2017 14:15
<fkleint> marco_piccolino: We are thinking 5.10, likely WIndows, Linux macOS, and how it will be shipped is open
<marco_piccolino> fkleint: thank you. are mobile platforms (for target, not host) in the scope for subsequent releases?
<fkleint> cross building is an issue to be considered, I can't be sure ATM